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1) Quirk, Crotchet, Oddity, Queerness, Quirkiness : عجیب رویہ, طنز, فقرہ بازی : (noun) a strange attitude or habit.

Related : Unfamiliarity : unusualness as a consequence of not being well known.

Useful Words

Strange Particle : میسون اور ہائپرون میں سے کوئی ایک : an elementary particle with non-zero strangeness.

Abnormality, Freakishness : انوکھا پن : marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal.

Eeriness, Ghostliness : پراسراریت : strangeness by virtue of being mysterious and inspiring fear.

Oddish : عجیب سا : somewhat strange. "It`s oddish".

Funnily, Oddly, Queerly, Strangely : عجیب طریقے سے : in a strange manner. "She is queerly dressed".

Creep, Spook, Weirdie, Weirdo, Weirdy : غیر معمولی شخص : someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric. "A spook personality".

Weird : عجیب و غریب : queit curious or strange. "He is so weird child He misbehaved with his parents".

Quaint : انوکھا : strange in an interesting or pleasing way. "Quaint dialect words".

Exotic : مختلف : strikingly strange or unusual. "An exotic hair style".

Admiration, Wonder, Wonderment : حیرت : the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising. "You have done so much wrong to the people that is why you have been attacked by a stroke and no wonder Allah put you in this condition".

Atypical, Irregular : غیر معمولی : deviating from normal expectations; somewhat odd, strange, or abnormal. "These days large families are atypical".