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1) Rack Railway : شکنجہ ریل پٹڑی Shekanja Rail Patri : (noun) railway for steep mountains; a cogwheel on the locomotive engages cogs on a center rail to provide traction.

English Synonym(s) : Cog Railway

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Useful Words

Center Centre Eye Heart Middle : مرکزی علاقہ Markazi Alaqa : an area that is approximately central within some larger region. "It is in the center of town"

Cog Sprocket : گراری Garari : tooth on the rim of gear wheel. "An authorized cog dealer"

Cogwheel Gear Gear Wheel Geared Wheel : گراری Garari : a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion. "Apply first gear"

Affiance Betroth Engage Plight : منگنی کرنا Mangni Karna : give to in marriage. "Don`t follow that girl as she is already engaged, you might get into trouble"

Locomotive Locomotor : حرکت پیدا کرنے والا Harkat Paida Karnay Wala : of or relating to locomotion. "Locomotive power of steam"

Mount Mountain : پہاڑ Pahar : a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill. "He and his family used to live in mountain"

Furnish Provide Render Supply : مہیا کرنا Muhayya Karna : give something useful or necessary to. "We provided the room with an electrical heater"

Rail Railing : باڑ Bar : a barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports.

Railroad Railroad Line Railway Railway Line Railway System : ریلوے لائن Railway Line : line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight.

Absorb Engross Engulf Immerse Plunge Soak Up Steep : وقف کرنا Waqf Karna : devote (oneself) fully to. "He immersed himself into his studies"

Adhesive Friction Grip Traction : کھنچاوٴ Khichao : the friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road).

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