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Radiant Energy meaning in Urdu

Radiant Energy Definitions

1) Radiant Energy : اشعاعی توانائی, تابکاری توانائی : (noun) energy that is transmitted in the form of (electromagnetic) radiation; energy that exists in the absence of matter.


Useful Words

Absorptance : شعائیں جذب کرنے کا پیمانہ , Radiometer : شعاع پیما , Generator : برقی کرنٹ پیدا کرنے کی مشین , Photosensitivity : حساسیت نور , Photosynthesis : ضیائی تالیف , Flash : اچانک سے چمکنا , Opaque : غیر شفاف , Atomic : ایٹمی , Turbine : چرخاب , Photovoltaic Cell : وہ سیل جس کے ذریعے سورج کی روشنی کو برقی توانائی میں بدل لیا جاتا ہے , Radiation : درخشانی , Natural Philosophy : طبیعیات , Heat : حرارت , Microwave : ایک چولہا , Devitalise : بے جان کرنا , Untired : ان تھک , Ginger : تیزی , Generate : پیدا کرنا , Indefatigably : ان تھک طور پر , Inactive : غیر متحرک , Animate : توانا کرنا , Invigorate : زندگی اور توانائی بخشنا , Reach : کوشش کرنا , Anaemic : غیر توانہ , Force : قوت , Bracing : تازگی بخش , Debilitation : کمزوری کا عمل , Gain Vigor : چست ہونا , Centering : توجہ کا مرکز , Lethargically : سستی سے , Tired : تھکا ہوا

Useful Words Definitions

Absorptance: a measure of the rate of decrease in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (as light) as it passes through a given substance; the fraction of incident radiant energy absorbed per unit mass or thickness of an absorber.

Radiometer: meter to detect and measure radiant energy (electromagnetic or acoustic).

Generator: engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction.

Photosensitivity: sensitivity to the action of radiant energy.

Photosynthesis: synthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants).

Flash: a sudden intense burst of radiant energy.

Opaque: not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy; impenetrable to sight.

Atomic: (weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy.

Turbine: rotary engine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid is converted into mechanical energy by causing a bladed rotor to rotate.

Photovoltaic Cell: a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy.

Radiation: energy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles.

Natural Philosophy: the science of matter and energy and their interactions.

Heat: a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature.

Microwave: kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food.

Devitalise: sap of life or energy.

Untired: with unreduced energy.

Ginger: liveliness and energy.

Generate: produce (energy).

Indefatigably: with indefatigable energy.

Inactive: lacking in energy or will.

Animate: give new life or energy to.

Invigorate: give life or energy to.

Reach: to exert much effort or energy.

Anaemic: lacking vigor or energy.

Force: physical energy or intensity.

Bracing: imparting vitality and energy.

Debilitation: serious weakening and loss of energy.

Gain Vigor: gain or regain energy.

Centering: the concentration of attention or energy on something.

Lethargically: without energy; in a lethargic manner.

Tired: depleted of strength or energy.

Related Words

Energy : توانائی , Luminous Energy : روشنی کی توانائی

Close Words

Radiant : چمکیلا , Radiantly : چمک دمک کے ساتھ

Close Words Definitions

Radiant: radiating or as if radiating light.

Radiantly: in a radiant manner.

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