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Rafta Rafta Barhnay Wali Bimari : رَفتَہ رَفتَہ بَرھَنے والی بیماری

1. Meningioma : رفتہ رفتہ برھنے والی بیماری : (noun) a tumor arising in the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord; usually slow growing and sometimes malignant.

Duri : Cord : a line made of twisted fibers or threads. "The bundle was tied with a cord"

Dhari Dar Kapra : Cord : a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs; usually made of cotton.

Dimagh, Magahze, Behjha : Brain : that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord. "Don`t kill my brain"

Zehen, Aqal : Brain : that which is responsible for one`s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason. "I have made up my mind"

Zheniyat : Brain : mental ability. "Your brother has dirty mentality"

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