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رگڑنے یا گھِسنے کی چیزیں : Ragarnay Ya Gusnay Ki Cheezain Meaning in English

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1) چھیلنے کی شئے رگڑنے یا گھسنے کی چیزیں : Abradant Abrasive Abrasive Material : (noun) a substance that abrades or wears down.

Related : Stuff : the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object. Wire Wool : a mass of woven steel fibers used as an abrasive. Sandpaper : stiff paper coated with powdered emery or sand.

Useful Words

چھیلنے کا آلہ : Abradant, Abrader : a tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing.

ریگ مال : Emery Paper, Sandpaper : stiff paper coated with powdered emery or sand.

چینی کاغذ : Rice Paper : a thin delicate material resembling paper; made from the rice-paper tree.

کاربن کاغذ : Carbon, Carbon Paper : a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon); used to transfer characters from the original to an under sheet of paper.

مادی : Corporeal, Material : having material or physical form or substance. "That which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible".

پردوں وغیرہ کے لئے استعمال ہونے والا کپڑا : Moreen : a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains.

خیالی : Insubstantial, Unreal, Unsubstantial : lacking material form or substance; unreal. "As insubstantial as a dream".

جزب کرنےوالی شے : Absorbent, Absorbent Material : a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance.

جذب کرنے والا : Adsorbent, Adsorbent Material : a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance.

گھٹانا : Quench : reduce the degree of (luminescence or phosphorescence) in (excited molecules or a material) by adding a suitable substance.

سٹیل گٹار : Hawaiian Guitar, Steel Guitar : guitar whose steel strings are twanged while being pressed with a movable steel bar for a glissando effect.

نقش ساز تختی : Stencil : a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design); ink or paint can pass through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below.

برقی ورق : Electronic Paper : An electronic paper display (EPD) is an electrically-charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on paper. "Electronic paper display is good".

بستہ لے کر چلنے والا : Backpacker, Packer : a hiker who wears a backpack.

فیشن دکھانے کے لئے کپڑے پہنے والی عورت : Fashion Model, Manakin, Manikin, Mannequin, Mannikin, Model : a woman who wears clothes to display fashions. "She was too fat to be a mannequin".

وہ جو وکٹ کے پیچھے کھڑا ہو : Wicket Keeper : a cricketer who stands behind the wicket and wears gloves. "A good wicket keeper".

ابھری ہوئی چھاتیوں والی لڑکی : Sweater Girl : a girl with an attractive bust who wears tight sweaters.

پہننے والا : Wearer : a person who wears or carries or displays something as a body covering or accessory. "Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches".

ابلنے کی حرارت : Heat Of Vaporisation, Heat Of Vaporization : heat absorbed by a unit mass of a material at its boiling point in order to convert the material into a gas at the same temperature.

نشے کا عادی : Addict : someone who is physiologically dependent on a substance; abrupt deprivation of the substance produces withdrawal symptoms. "Addict of weed".

وہ نقطہ جس کے بعد مزید ملاپ ناممکن ہو : Saturation Point : (chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor.

کم کرنے والا : Reducer, Reducing Agent, Reductant : a substance capable of bringing about the reduction of another substance as it itself is oxidized; used in photography to lessen the density of a negative or print by oxidizing some of the loose silver.

برف گاڑی : Skibob : a vehicle resembling a bicycle but having skis instead of wheels; the rider wears short skis for balancing.

ملاوٹ : Adulterant, Adulterator : any substance that lessens the purity or effectiveness of a substance. "It is necessary to remove the adulterants before use".

زرخیز کرنا : Manure : any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material.

اون کا تاجر : Wool Stapler : a dealer in wool. "He was a wool stapler".

چوپائے کی کھال : Lambskin : the skin of a lamb with the wool still on.

ایک قسم کا ہلکا جوتا : Bootee, Bootie : a slipper that is soft and wool (for babies).

اون : Fleece : the wool of a sheep or similar animal.

دھاگے کا لچھا : Hank : a coil of rope or wool or yarn.

تول کا پیمانہ : Tod : a unit of weight for wool equal to about 28 pounds.

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