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رقم دے کر آزاد کرانا : Raqam De Kar Azad Karaana Meaning in English

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Raqam De Kar Azad Karaana in Detail

1) تاوان رقم دے کر آزاد کرانا : Ransom Ransom Money : (noun) money demanded for the return of a captured person.

Related : Cost : the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor.

Useful Words

رقم واپس کر کے بکا ہوا مال لینا : Ransom, Redeem : exchange or buy back for money; under threat.

اغوا کرنا : Abduct, Kidnap, Nobble, Snatch : take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom. "He attempts to abduct me".

اغواء کار : Abductor, Kidnaper, Kidnapper, Snatcher : someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom). "Abductors demand one million".

عيد الاضحی : Feast Of Sacrifice, Id Al-Adha : the 10th day of Dhu`l-Hijja; all Muslims attend a service in the mosques and those who are not pilgrims perform a ritual slaughter of a sheep (commemorating God`s ransom of Abraham`s son from sacrifice) and give at least a third of the meat to charity. "I went to Pakistan at feast of sacrifice".

اصل لاگت : Capital Cost, Cost Of Capital : the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision; the rate of return that a business could earn if it chose another investment with equivalent risk.

گروی رکھوانا : Hock, Pawn, Soak : leave as a guarantee in return for money. "He pawns your grandfather`s gold watch".

رقم کے بدلے خبر دینے والا : Betrayer, Blabber, Informer, Rat, Squealer : one who reveals confidential information in return for money.

کھلا : Change : money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency. "He got change for a twenty and used it to pay the taxi driver".

گا بجا کر پیسے مانگنا والا : Busker : a person who entertains people for money in public places (as by singing or dancing), usually while asking for money.

جوابی الزام لگانا : Recriminate : return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations; charge in return.

مستقل رہائش : Domicile, Legal Residence : (law) the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time. "Domicile verification in Sindh".

ملازم : Hireling, Pensionary : a person who works only for money. "She is a poorly paid hireling of palace".

وصول کنندہ تنخواہ لینے والا شخص : Payee : a person to whom money is paid.

ادا کرنے والا : Payer, Remunerator : a person who pays money for something. "Remuneratory contract".

مالی امداد : Aid, Economic Aid, Financial Aid : money to support a worthy person or cause.

رقم کی منتقلی : Remission, Remitment, Remittal, Remittance : a payment of money sent to a person in another place. "Remittance account in Pakistan".

کرائے پر چلنے والی موٹر : Cab, Hack, Taxi, Taxicab : a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money. "Get the taxi please".

پیسے کی لین دین کرنے والا : Money Dealer, Money Handler : a person who receives or invests or pays out money. "He was a money dealer".

ادھار : Debt : money or goods or services owed by one person to another.

قرض خواہ : Creditor : a person to whom money is owed by a debtor; someone to whom an obligation exists.

رقم وغیرہ جمع کروانے والا : Depositor : a person who has deposited money in a bank or similar institution. "Depositor in the bank".

گداگری : Beggary, Begging, Mendicancy : a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person).

جواری : Gambler : a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events.

تحویل کنندہ : Bailor : the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment.

گروی رکھنے والا : Pawnbroker : a person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security.

رقم ضمانت : Bail, Bail Bond, Bond : (criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial. "The judge set bail at $10,000".

ہائیپرینیا : Hyperventilation : an increased depth and rate of breathing greater than demanded by the body needs; can cause dizziness and tingling of the fingers and toes and chest pain if continued.

سرمایہ : Capital : wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value.

ضمانت کے طور پر رقم طے کرکے ملزم کو عارضی طور پر رہا کرا لینا : Bail : the legal system that allows an accused person to be temporarily released from custody (usually on condition that a sum of money guarantees their appearance at trial). "He is out on bail".

قرض کی رعایتی ادائیگی : Accord And Satisfaction : the settlement of a debt by paying less than the amount demanded in exchange for extinguishing the debt.

فرض : Duty, Obligation, Responsibility : the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force. "We must instill a sense of duty in our children".

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