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رسوم و انساب کا علم : Rasom O Ansab Ka Ilm Meaning in English

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Rasom O Ansab Ka Ilm in Detail

1) رسوم و انساب کا علم : Heraldry : (noun) the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies.

Related : Research : a search for knowledge. Ramp : be rampant.

Useful Words

مسلحہ ہونے کی علامت : Heraldry : emblem indicating the right of a person to bear arms.

چاندی کی طرح چمک دار معدن : Argent : a metal tincture used in heraldry to give a silvery appearance.

ڈھال پر بنے نقش : Armorial Bearing, Bearing, Charge, Heraldic Bearing : heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield.

عیسائی مذہب کا نشان : Cross : a representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified; used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry.

رسوم و انساب سے متعلق : Heraldic, Heraldist : of or relating to heraldry. "He was English born genealogist heraldic expert in Art".

عمرانیات : Sociology : the study and classification of human societies. "Sociology past papers".

حیوانی علم سے متعلق : Zoological : concerning the study of animals and their classification and properties. "Zoological research".

صوتیات : Phonemics, Phonology : the study of the sound system of a given language and the analysis and classification of its phonemes.

یونانی شاعر : Hesiod : Greek poet whose existing works describe rural life and the genealogies of the gods and the beginning of the world (eighth century BC).

کاغذ جس پر خاکہ بنایا جاتا ہے : Tracing Paper : a semitransparent paper that is used for tracing drawings.

باپ کے نسلی سلسلے کے ذریعے وراثت پانے والا : Patrilineal, Patrilinear : based on or tracing descent through the male line. "A patrilineal society".

ماں کے شجرے سے : Matrilineal, Matrilinear : based on or tracing descent through the female line. "Matrilineal inheritance".

سفید دھات : Bearing Metal, White Metal : an alloy (often of lead or tin base) used for bearings.

بال بیرنگ : Ball Bearing, Needle Bearing, Roller Bearing : bearings containing small metal balls.

نقش کرنا : Trace : copy by following the lines of the original drawing on a transparent sheet placed upon it; make a tracing of. "Trace a design".

رانگ اور تانبے سے بنی دھات : Babbitt, Babbitt Metal : an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony; a lining for bearings that reduces friction.

غیر درجہ بند : Unclassified : not subject to a security classification.

دوسرے درجے کا : Second Class : not the highest rank in a classification.

ٹائپ کی درجہ بندی کا مطالعہ : Typology : classification according to general type.

اندازہ : Appraisal, Assessment : the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth. "Appraisal cost calculator".

سنہرے پتے والے پودے : Acrostichum, Genus Acrostichum : in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae.

نظام سے مطابقت : Systematism : the habitual practice of systematization and classification.

انتہائی خفیہ : Top-Secret : the highest official level of classification of documents.

خفیہ درجہ : Restricted : the lowest level of official classification for documents.

علم تشخیص : Diagnostics, Nosology : the branch of medical science dealing with the classification of disease.

بے پھول جھاڑی : Adiantaceae, Family Adiantaceae : used in some classification systems for some genera of the family Polypodiaceae (or Pteridaceae).

پھولدار پودے : Actinomeris, Genus Actinomeris : used in some classification systems for plants now included in genus Verbesina.

درجہ بندی کا نظام : Hierarchical Classification System : a classification system where entries are arranged based on some hierarchical structure.

خفیہ : Classified : official classification of information or documents; withheld from general circulation. "Thousands of classified documents have now been declassified".

ریڑھ کی ہڈی کے بغیر : Invertebrate : any animal lacking a backbone or notochord; the term is not used as a scientific classification.

گوند : Heterobasidiomycetes, Subclass Heterobasidiomycetes : category used in some classification systems for various basidiomycetous fungi including rusts and smuts.

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