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1 of 2) Rationalisation, Rationalization : تاویل, دلیل سے وضاحت کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the cognitive process of making something seem consistent with or based on reason.

2 of 2) Rationalisation, Rationalization, Systematisation, Systematization : نظام سازی : (noun) systematic organization; the act of organizing something according to a system or a rationale.

Related : Codification : the act of codifying; arranging in a systematic order.

Useful Words

Rational : معقول : consistent with or based on or using reason. "Rational behavior".

Irrational : بے تکا : not consistent with or using reason. "Irrational joke".

Rationality, Rationalness : شعور کی موجودگی : the quality of being consistent with or based on logic.

Discrimination, Secernment : امتیاز : the cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished. "Discrimination in colors and languages".

Believing : سمجھ : the cognitive process that leads to convictions. "Seeing is believing".

Blind, Unreasoning : غیر عقلی : not based on reason or evidence. "Blind hatred".

Acquisition, Learning : مطالعہ کے ذریعے حاصل کرنا : the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge. "The child`s acquisition of language".

Judgement, Judging, Judgment : فیصلہ سازی : the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions.

Acculturation, Assimilation : تصور سے حقیقت : the process of assimilating new ideas into an existing cognitive structure.

Reading : مطالعہ : the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message. "His main reading was detective stories".

Systematism : نظام سے مطابقت : the habitual practice of systematization and classification.

Rationalisation in Book Titles

Technological Change, Rationalisation and Industrial Relations.
War Machine: The Rationalisation of Slaughter in the Modern Age.

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