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Reaction Engine meaning in Urdu

Reaction Engine Sentence

He saw a reaction engine.

Reaction Engine Synonym

Reaction Engine Definitions

1) Reaction Engine, Reaction-Propulsion Engine : جیٹ انجن : (noun) a jet or rocket engine based on a form of aerodynamic propulsion in which the vehicle emits a high-speed stream.


Useful Words

Projectile : راکٹ , High : سب سے تیز گیئر , Auto : گاڑی , Engine : ریل گاڑی کا انجن , Motor Scooter : اسکوٹر , Oxidation-Reduction : تحویل تکسیدی عمل , Engine Failure : انجن کی خرابی , Re-Start : دوبارہ چلانا , Stall : انجن کا نہ چلنا , Magneto : مقناطیسی مشین , Automobile Engine : گاڑی کا انجن , Aircraft Engine : ہوائی جہاز کا انجن , Starter : انجن چلانے والا , Heat Engine : حرارت سے چلنے والا انجن , Aerial Ladder Truck : سیڑھی والا ٹرک , Steamboat : بھاپ سے چلنے والی کشتی , Accelerator : ایکسیلیٹر , Knock : کھٹکھٹانا , Exhaust : انجن سے غیر ضروری گیس کا باہر نکال دینا , Hot-Wire : تاریں ملا کر انجن چلانا , Diesel : ڈیزل تیل , Chug : کھنکار , Ignition Interlock : تالا , Propjet : تیز رفتار جہاز , Crump : انجن کی آواز نکالنا , Moped : دو پہیوں کی گاڑی , Power Dive : ہوائی جہاز کا غوطہ , Hopped-Up : الٹرڈ گاڑی , Bonnet : گاڑی کا بونٹ , Driveshaft : گاڑی کا پرزہ , Radial Engine : شعاعی انجن

Useful Words Definitions

Projectile: any vehicle self-propelled by a rocket engine.

High: a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed.

Auto: a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine.

Engine: a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks.

Motor Scooter: a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel.

Oxidation-Reduction: a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction.

Engine Failure: engine does not run.

Re-Start: start an engine again, for example.

Stall: cause an engine to stop.

Magneto: a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine.

Automobile Engine: the engine that propels an automobile.

Aircraft Engine: the engine that powers an aircraft.

Starter: an electric motor for starting an engine.

Heat Engine: any engine that makes use of heat to do work.

Aerial Ladder Truck: a fire engine carrying ladders.

Steamboat: a boat propelled by a steam engine.

Accelerator: a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine.

Knock: the sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing).

Exhaust: gases ejected from an engine as waste products.

Hot-Wire: start (a car engine) without a key by bypassing the ignition interlock.

Diesel: an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil.

Chug: the dull explosive noise made by an engine.

Ignition Interlock: a device that prevents an automotive engine from starting.

Propjet: an airplane with an external propeller that is driven by a turbojet engine.

Crump: make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants.

Moped: a motorbike that can be pedaled or driven by a low-powered gasoline engine.

Power Dive: a dive of an airplane that is accelerated both by gravity and by the power of the engine.

Hopped-Up: (of an automobile) having the engine modified to give extra power.

Bonnet: protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine.

Driveshaft: a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application.

Radial Engine: an internal-combustion engine having cylinders arranged radially around a central crankcase.

Related Words

Engine : انجن

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