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1) Recurrent, Perennial, Repeated : بار بار ہونے والا, پلٹ آنے والا, دہرایا گیا : (satellite adjective) recurring again and again.

Related : Continual : occurring without interruption; chiefly restricted to what recurs regularly or frequently in a prolonged and closely spaced series.

Useful Words

Recurrent Fever, Relapsing Fever : لوٹ آنے والا بخار : marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Enduring, Long-Suffering : لمبے عرصے سے تکلیف اٹھانے والا : patiently bearing continual wrongs or trouble. "An enduring disposition".

Hallucinosis : ایسی حالت جس میں انسان تخیل میں پرواز کرتا ہے : a mental state in which the person has continual hallucinations.

Cardiac Monitor, Heart Monitor : دل کی نگرانی کا آلہ : a piece of electronic equipment for continual observation of the function of the heart. "You need to use a heart monitor for better treatment".

Callosity, Callus : سخت جلد : an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot).

Cyclic, Cyclical : باربار ہونے والا : recurring in cycles. "Cyclical unemployment".

Cadence, Cadency : شاعری میں الفاظ کا ہموار تسلسل : a recurrent rhythmical series.

Haunting, Persistent : ذہن میں بار بار آنے والا : continually recurring to the mind. "Haunting memories".

Uneven : غیر متوازی : variable and recurring at irregular intervals. "An uneven gait".

Periodic, Periodical : وقفے وقفے سے : happening or recurring at regular intervals. "The periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust".

Act Up : دوبارہ درد ہونا : make itself felt as a recurring pain. "My arthritis is acting up again".

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