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Redeemable 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Redeemable stocks and bonds. A redeemable sinner.

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1 of 2. کیش ہونے کے لائق Cash Honay Kay Laiq : Cashable Redeemable : able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent.

Redeemable stocks and bonds.
A redeemable coupon.

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2 of 2. قابل اصلاح Qabil Islaah سدھار کے لائق Sudhar Kay Laiq : Reformable Redeemable : susceptible to improvement or reform.

A redeemable sinner.

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Useful Words

Able : قابل Qabil : (usually followed by `to') having the necessary means or skill or know-how or authority to do something. "Able to swim"

Equivalent Tantamount : اثر یا اہمیت میں برابر Asr Ya Ahmiyat Men Barabar : being essentially equal to something. "It was as good as gold"

Advance Betterment Improvement : اصلاح Islaah : a change for the better; progress in development. "This is the way of betterment"

Money : دولت Dolat : the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender. "It`s not about money"

Fix Gear Up Prepare Ready Set Set Up : تیار کرنا Tayyar Karna : make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc. "Iftar ready"

Reform : سدھارنا Sudharna : make changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices. "Reform a political system"

Susceptible : متاثر ہونے والا Mutasir Honay Wala : (often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of. "Susceptible to colds"