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Regicide meaning in Urdu

Regicide Definitions

1 of 2) Regicide : وہ جو بادشاہ کے قتل میں مدد کرے, شاہ کش : (noun) someone who commits regicide; the killer of a king.


2 of 2) Regicide : بادشاہ کو قتل کرنے عمل : (noun) the act of killing a king.

Useful Words

Adulterer : زانی , Gun : پیشہ ور قاتل , Hatchet Man : کرائے کا قاتل , Diversionist : تباہ کرنے والا , Consigner : مرسل , Investor : سرمایہ کار , Racketeer : غیر قانونی کاروائی میں ملوث آدمی , Liquidator : قاتل , Arsenic : سفید رنگ کا زہریلاپاوڈر جو گھاس پھوس صاف کرنے چوہا مارنے اور گلاس وغیرہ بنانے کے کام آتا ہے , Canute : ڈینمارک اور نوروے کا قدیم بادشاہ , Ascend : بادشاہ یا ملکہ بن جانا , Queen Dowager : بیوہ ملکہ , Queen : بادشاہ کی بیگم , Queen Consort : بادشاہ کی بیگم , Kingship : بادشاہت , Queen Regent : ملکہ کی قائم مقام , Kingdom : بادشاہت , Kinglike : بادشاہ کی طرح , Ezekias : حزقیاہ بادشاہ , King : تاش کھیل کا بادشاہ , Cepheus : حبشہ کا بادشاہ , Benignant : شفیق , Cyrus Ii : قدیم ایران کا بانی اور بادشاہ , Attila : رومی سلطنت پر چڑھائی کرنے والا جرمن بادشاہ , Royal : بادشاہی , Ahab : قدیم اسرائیل کا بادشاہ , Agamemnon : یونانی بادشاہ , Fool : مسخرہ , Alexander : سکندر اعظم , Herod : ہیرودیس , Frederick Ii : فریڈریک رومی شہنشاہ

Useful Words Definitions

Adulterer: someone who commits adultery or fornication.

Gun: a professional killer who uses a gun.

Hatchet Man: a professional killer.

Diversionist: someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks.

Consigner: the person who delivers over or commits merchandise.

Investor: someone who commits capital in order to gain financial returns.

Racketeer: someone who commits crimes for profit (especially one who obtains money by fraud or extortion).

Liquidator: a criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful premeditated killing of another human being).

Arsenic: a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic; used in manufacturing glass and as a pesticide (rat poison) and weed killer.

Canute: king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him; on the death of Edmund II, Canute became king of all England (994-1035).

Ascend: become king or queen.

Queen Dowager: the widow of a king.

Queen: the wife or widow of a king.

Queen Consort: the wife of a reigning king.

Kingship: the dignity or rank or position of a king.

Queen Regent: a queen who serves as ruler when the king cannot.

Kingdom: the domain ruled by a king or queen.

Kinglike: having the rank of or resembling or befitting a king.

Ezekias: (Old Testament) king of Judah who abolished idolatry (715-687 BC).

King: one of the four playing cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king.

Cepheus: (Greek mythology) king of Ethiopia and husband of Cassiopeia.

Benignant: characterized by kindness and warm courtesy especially of a king to his subjects.

Cyrus Ii: king of Persia and founder of the Persian Empire (circa 600-529 BC).

Attila: king of the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire (406-453).

Royal: of or relating to or indicative of or issued or performed by a king or queen or other monarch.

Ahab: according to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).

Agamemnon: (Greek mythology) the king who lead the Greeks against Troy in the Trojan War.

Fool: a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages.

Alexander: king of Macedon; conqueror of Greece and Egypt and Persia; founder of Alexandria (356-323 BC).

Herod: king of Judea who (according to the New Testament) tried to kill Jesus by ordering the death of all children under age two in Bethlehem (73-4 BC).

Frederick Ii: the Holy Roman Emperor who led the Sixth Crusade and crowned himself king of Jerusalem (1194-1250).

Related Words

Execution : قتل , Killer : قاتل

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