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Regimentals Meaning in Urdu

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1. ایک فوجی یا فوجی دستے کی وردی Ek Fauji Ya Fauji Dastay Ki Wardi : Regimentals : (noun) the military uniform and insignia of a regiment.

Related : Plural Form : the form of a word that is used to denote more than one. War Machine : the military forces of a nation.

Useful Words

Armed Forces - Armed Services - Military - Military Machine - War Machine : کسی قوم کی فوج Kisi Qaum Ki Fauj : the military forces of a nation. "Their military is the largest in the region"

Regiment : فوجی دستہ Fauji Dasta : army unit smaller than a division.

Uniform : ایک جیسی وردی Ek Jesi Wardi : clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification.