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Reiteration meaning in Urdu

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1) Reiteration, Reduplication : یقین دہانی, بار بار دہرانے کا عمل : (noun) the act of repeating over and again (or an instance thereof).

Related : Repetition : the act of doing or performing again.

Useful Words

Pace, Tempo : چال : the rate of some repeating event.

Clang, Clangor, Clangoring, Clangour, Clank, Clash, Crash : جھنکار : a loud resonant repeating noise. "He could hear the clang of distant bells".

Buss, Kiss, Osculation : پیار : the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof). "Wanna get kissed ?".

Forbiddance, Inhibition, Prohibition : ممانعت : the action of prohibiting or inhibiting or forbidding (or an instance thereof). "They were restrained by a prohibition in their charter".

Summarisation, Summarization : اختصار : the act of preparing a summary (or an instance thereof); stating briefly and succinctly.

Geminate, Reduplicate : دہرانا : form by reduplication. "The consonant reduplicates after a short vowel".

Clean, Cleanse : صاف کرنا : clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing. "Clean up before you see your grandparents".

Abstract : الگ کرکے سوچنا : consider apart from a particular case or instance. "Let`s abstract away from this particular example".

Misadventure, Mischance, Mishap : بد قسمتی : an instance of misfortune.

Flight, Flying : ہوائی سفر : an instance of traveling by air. "Flying was still an exciting adventure for him".

Enquiry, Inquiry, Interrogation, Query, Question : تفتیش : an instance of questioning. "We do not provide information of any emlpoyee over the phone Please email us your query".

Oration : تقریر : an instance of oratory. "He delivered an oration on the decline of family values".

Sale : سیل : a particular instance of selling. "He has just made his first sale".

Bit, Piece : قسم : an instance of some kind. "It was a nice piece of work".

Business Deal, Deal, Trade : لین دین : a particular instance of buying or selling. "It`s not a big deal".

Detailing, Particularisation, Particularization : خصوصیت : an individualized description of a particular instance.

Brag, Bragging, Crow, Crowing, Gasconade, Line-Shooting, Vaporing : شیخیاں : an instance of boastful talk. "Don`t brag".

Abruption, Breaking Off : اچانک انقطاع : an instance of sudden interruption.

Think : غور کرنا : an instance of deliberate thinking. "I need to give it a good think".

Throw : باری : a single chance or instance. "He couldn't afford $50 a throw".

Rebuff, Repulse, Snub : دھتکار : an instance of driving away or warding off.

Imperfection, Imperfectness : ادھورا پن : the state or an instance of being imperfect.

Sight : نظارہ : an instance of visual perception. "The sight of his wife brought him back to reality".

Haggle, Haggling, Wrangle, Wrangling : مباحثہ : an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining).

Abstract, Abstraction : تصور : a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance. "They loved her only in the abstract".

Crosscheck : مختلف طریقوں سے جانچ : an instance of confirming something by considering information from several sources.

Hope : آس : a specific instance of feeling hopeful. "He is hoping".

Seismic Disturbance, Shock : زلزلے کا جھٹکا : an instance of agitation of the earth's crust. "The first shock of the earthquake came shortly after noon while workers were at lunch".

Clip, Time : بار : an instance or single occasion for some event. "This time he succeeded".

Wangle, Wangling : جگاڑ : an instance of accomplishing something by scheming or trickery. "This wangle can cost you dearly".

Humiliation, Mortification : رسوائی : an instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect. "It will be a great humiliation".

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