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Relieve meaning in Urdu

Relieve Sentences

This pill will relieve your headaches.
She relieved to her.

Relieve Synonyms

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Relieve in Detail

1 of 9) Relieve, Unbosom : بھید کہنا, دل کا حال بتانا : (verb) relieve oneself of troubling information.

Related : Confide : reveal in private; tell confidentially.


2 of 9) Relieve, Alleviate, Assuage, Palliate : آرام دینا, دردکم کرنا, شدت کم کرنا : (verb) provide physical relief, as from pain.

Related : Soothe : cause to feel better. Ease : lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate. Meliorate : to make better.

3 of 9) Relieve, Take Over : نجات دینا : (verb) free someone temporarily from his or her obligations.

Related : Free : free from obligations or duties.

4 of 9) Relieve, Exempt, Free : مستثنی کرنا, مبرًا کرنا, مستثنی قرار دینا : (verb) grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to.

Related : Dispense : grant a dispensation; grant an exemption.

5 of 9) Relieve, Allay, Ease, Still : کمی کرنا, دور کرنا : (verb) lessen the intensity of or calm.

Related : Soothe : give moral or emotional strength to. Abreact : discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization.

6 of 9) Relieve, Salvage, Salve, Save : تباہی سے بچانا : (verb) save from ruin, destruction, or harm.

Related : Rescue : free from harm or evil.

7 of 9) Relieve, Remedy : سکون فراہم کرنا : (verb) provide relief for.

Related : Treat : provide treatment for.

8 of 9) Relieve : چوری سے حاصل کرنا : (verb) take by stealing.

The thief relieved me of $100.

9 of 9) Relieve, Excuse, Exempt, Let Off : بری کرنا : (verb) grant exemption or release to.

Related : Frank : exempt by means of an official pass or letter, as from customs or other checks. Justify : let off the hook.

Useful Words

A, Angstrom, Angstrom Unit : میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ : a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Information : معلومات : knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction. "Get information from there".

Ourselves, Ourself, Myself, Himself, Herself, Oneself, Themself, Yourself, Themselves : اپنا : Used as a reflexive. "God help those who help themselves".

Hurting, Pain : درد : a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder. "I am having leg pain".

Physical : مادی : involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit. "Physical exercise".

Furnish, Provide, Render, Supply : مہیا کرنا : give something useful or necessary to. "We provided the room with an electrical heater".

Distressful, Distressing, Disturbing, Perturbing, Troubling, Worrisome, Worrying : پریشانی : causing distress or worry or anxiety. "Distressing (or disturbing) news".

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