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Render meaning in Urdu

Render Sentences

Render my money.
The face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting.

Render Synonyms

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Render in Detail

1 of 9) Render, Furnish, Provide, Supply : مہیا کرنا, فراہم کرنا : (verb) give something useful or necessary to.

Related : Feed : feed into; supply. Stint : supply sparingly and with restricted quantities.


2 of 9) Render, Interpret : تشریح پیش کرنا : (verb) give an interpretation or rendition of.

The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully.

Related : Perform : carry out or perform an action. Sing : deliver by singing.

3 of 9) Render, Generate, Give, Return, Yield : دینا : (verb) give or supply.

The estate renders some revenue for the family.

Related : Produce : create or manufacture a man-made product. Yield : cause to happen or be responsible for.

4 of 9) Render, Deliver, Return : دینا : (verb) pass down.

Render a verdict.

Related : Put Across : transmit information ahead.

5 of 9) Render, Return : واپس کرنا : (verb) give back anything.

6 of 9) Render, Deliver, Fork Out, Fork Over, Fork Up, Hand Over, Turn In : حوالے کرنا : (verb) to surrender someone or something to another.

Render up the prisoners.
Render the town to the enemy.

Related : Turn Over : place into the hands or custody of. Bail : deliver something in trust to somebody for a special purpose and for a limited period.

7 of 9) Render, Depict, Picture, Show : دکھانا, منظر کشی کرنا : (verb) show in, or as in, a picture.

8 of 9) Render, Give : ادا کرنا : (verb) bestow.

Render thanks.

Related : Intercommunicate : transmit thoughts or feelings.

9 of 9) Render, Interpret, Translate : ترجمہ کرنا : (verb) restate (words) from one language into another language.

She rendered the French poem into English.

Related : Retell : to say, state, or perform again. Latinize : translate into Latin.

Useful Words

Feed : مہیا کرنا : feed into; supply. "Her success feeds her vanity".

Cloy, Surfeit : جی بھر کے دینا : supply or feed to surfeit.

Blind : اندھا کرنا : render unable to see.

Ineptitude, Worthlessness : ناقابلیت : having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful. "The drill sergeant's intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness".

Bar, Barricade, Block, Block Off, Block Up, Blockade, Stop : ناکہ بندی کرنا : render unsuitable for passage. "Barricade the streets".

Enable : مجاز کرنا : render capable or able for some task. "This skill will enable you to find a job on Wall Street".

Prostrate : بے بس ہوجانا : render helpless or defenseless. "They prostrated the enemy".

Disarm, Unarm : ہتھیار چھین لینا : take away the weapons from; render harmless.

Deaf, Deafen : بہرا کر نا : make or render deaf. "A deafening noise".

Break : توڑنا : render inoperable or ineffective. "Gullo broke the car".

Appoint : سجا ہوا : furnish. "A beautifully appointed house".

Invalidate, Vitiate, Void : غیر موثر کردینا : take away the legal force of or render ineffective. "Invalidate a contract".

List, Name : فہرست بنانا : give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of. "List the states west of the Mississippi".

Dower, Endow : مہر ادا کرنا : furnish with an endowment. "When she got married, she got dowered".

Refurnish : دوبارہ سجانا : furnish with new or different furniture. "We refurnished the living room".

Bless, Consecrate, Hallow, Sanctify : مقدس بنانا : render holy by means of religious rites.

Hang : ٹانگا کر سجانا : decorate or furnish with something suspended. "Hang wallpaper".

Fascinate, Grip, Spellbind, Transfix : بے سدھ کردینا : to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe. "The snake charmer fascinates the cobra".

Disconnect, Unplug : جدا کرنا : pull the plug of (electrical appliances) and render inoperable. "Unplug the hair dryer after using it".

Account, Answer For : توجیح پیش کرنا : furnish a justifying analysis or explanation. "I can't account for the missing money".

Inoculate : بیماری سے تحفظ کی دوا ڈالنا : impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune.

Adorn, Clothe, Invest : اختیار دینا : furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors.

Perjure : جہوٹی قسم کھانا : knowingly tell an untruth in a legal court and render oneself guilty of perjury.

Theologise, Theologize : دینیات کا رنگ چڑھانا : treat from a theological viewpoint or render theological in character.

Force-Feed : زبردستی کھلانا : feed someone who will not or cannot eat.

Coat, Surface : کسی چیز پر تہ لگانا : put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface. "Coat the cake with chocolate".

Spoonfeed : چمچے سے کھلانا : feed with a spoon.

Barley Water : جو کا پانی : used to feed infants.

Unfailing : مسلسل : always able to supply more. "An unfailing source of good stories".

Browse, Crop, Graze, Pasture, Range : چرنا : feed as in a meadow or pasture. "The herd was grazing".

Fund, Stock, Store : ذخیرہ : a supply of something available for future use. "He brought back a large store of Cuban cigars".

Render in Book Titles

How to Render: The Fundamentals of Light, Shadow and Reflectivity.
Render Unto Caesar: The Flag-salute Controversy.
Render: An Apocalypse.

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