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1 of 2) Repent, Atone : توبہ کرنا : (verb) turn away from sin or do penitence.

Repent its Friday!
I repent my sins.

2 of 2) Repent, Regret, Rue : پچھتانا : (verb) feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about.

What is the use of repenting now?

Useful Words

Impenitence : ناپشیمانی , Penance : کفارہ , Regrettable : قابل افسوس , Bemoan : نوحہ کرنا , Regret : افسوس سے کہنا , Evert : الٹنا , Regretfully : معذرت خواہانہ انداز سے , Compunction : پچھتاوا , Apology : معافی , Afraid : ڈر , Bad : افسوس , Deviate : پھیرنا , Avert : پھیر لینا , Aerify : گیس میں بدلنا , Pivot : پھرکی گھمانا , Caseate : پنیر بننا , Acetify : تیزاب بننا , Screw : کیل کی طرح موڑنا , Foreswear : چھوڑ دینا , About-Face : پلٹنا , Clabber : دودھ کھٹا کرنا , Green : ہرا رنگ میں بدلنا , Pigeon-Toed : وہ جس کے پاوں اندر کی طرف مڑے ہوں , Yellow : زرد ہونا , Make Hay : فائدہ اٹھانا , Automatise : خود کار بنانا , Keel Over : اوندھا ہوکر گرنا , Redden : سرخ ہونا , Wear Ship : ہوا سے دور کرلینا , Introvert : اندر کو موڑنا , Tack : ہوا میں بدلنا

Useful Words Definitions

Impenitence: the trait of refusing to repent.

Penance: voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing.

Regrettable: deserving regret.

Bemoan: regret strongly.

Regret: express with regret.

Evert: turn inside out; turn the inner surface of outward.

Regretfully: with regret (used in polite formulas).

Compunction: a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed).

Apology: an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone.

Afraid: filled with regret or concern; used often to soften an unpleasant statement.

Bad: feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone.

Deviate: turn aside; turn away from.

Avert: turn away or aside.

Aerify: turn into gas.

Pivot: turn on a pivot.

Caseate: turn into cheese.

Acetify: turn acidic.

Screw: turn like a screw.

Foreswear: turn away from; give up.

About-Face: turn, usually 180 degrees.

Clabber: turn into curds.

Green: turn or become green.

Pigeon-Toed: having feet that turn inward.

Yellow: turn yellow.

Make Hay: turn to one`s advantage.

Automatise: turn into an automaton.

Keel Over: turn over and fall.

Redden: turn red or redder.

Wear Ship: turn away from the wind.

Introvert: turn inside.

Tack: turn into the wind.

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Unless You Repent.
Repent, Are We Not All Guilty?.
Reap & Repent.
How Do I Repent.

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