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Respirator   Meaning in Urdu

1. Respirator - Inhalator : آلہ تنفس - ایسا آلہ جو مصنوعی طور پر سانس پیدا کرتا ہے : (noun) a breathing device for administering long-term artificial respiration.

Breathing Apparatus, Breathing Device, Breathing Machine, Ventilator - a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure.

Useful Words

Artificial - Unreal : مصنوعی : contrived by art rather than nature. "Artificial flowers"

Breathing - External Respiration - Respiration - Ventilation : تنفس : the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation.

Device : آلہ : an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose. "The device is small enough to wear on your wrist"

Hanker - Long - Yearn : تڑپنا : desire strongly or persistently. "Heart is longing to see you"

Respiration : سانس لینے کا عمل : a single complete act of breathing in and out. "Thirty respirations per minute"

Term : اصطلاح : a word or expression used for some particular thing. "He learned many medical terms"

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