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Resurvey meaning in Urdu

Resurvey Definitions

1) Resurvey : نئے سرے سے جائزہ لینا : (noun) a new survey or study.


Useful Words

Ascertain : تعین کرنا , Surveyor : جائزہ لینے والا , Survey : جائزہ لینا , Locate : مقام کا تعین کرنا , Zoological : حیوانی علم سے متعلق , Studiousness : سخت پڑھائی , Linguistics : علم السنہ , Embark : نیا کام شروع کرنا , Spelaeology : غاروں کا مطالعہ کرنا , Aetiology : علم الاسباب , Bone : رٹنا , Intimate : آشنا , Pteridologist : ماہر فرنیات , Epigraphy : کتبات کا علم , Mammalogist : میمل جانوروں کا ماہر , Diachronic Linguistics : علم لسان , Semanticist : ماہر علم المعانی , Axiological : اقداری , Verse : واقف کرانا , Semantics : علم المعانی کا مطالعہ , Poetics : مطالعہ شاعری , Historical : تاریخ کا , Metaphysics : خاص طور پر نہایت تخمینی اور باطنی قسم کا فلسفہ , Hotel Management : مہماں نوازی کے متعلق مطالعہ , Hydrodynamics : ماقوا حرکیات , Botanise : نباتاتی پڑھائی کرنا , Axiology : علم الاقدار , Metrology : علم پیمائش , Premedical : طب کے پیشہ سے متعلق , Coin Collecting : سکے جمع کرنے کا علم , Aetiologic : علم الاسباب کا

Useful Words Definitions

Ascertain: establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study.

Surveyor: someone who conducts a statistical survey.

Survey: make a survey of; for statistical purposes.

Locate: determine or indicate the place, site, or limits of, as if by an instrument or by a survey.

Zoological: Zoology is the branch of biology that focuses on the scientific study of animals. It encompasses the study of animal classification, structure, behavior, physiology, evolution, and ecology. Zoologists observe, classify, and analyze various aspects of animal life, ranging from individual organisms to entire populations and ecosystems.

Studiousness: diligent study.

Linguistics: the scientific study of language.

Embark: set out on (an enterprise or subject of study).

Spelaeology: the scientific study of caves.

Aetiology: the philosophical study of causation.

Bone: study intensively, as before an exam.

Intimate: thoroughly acquainted through study or experience.

Pteridologist: an expert in the study of ferns.

Epigraphy: the study of ancient inscriptions.

Mammalogist: one skilled in the study of mammals.

Diachronic Linguistics: the study of linguistic change.

Semanticist: a specialist in the study of meaning.

Axiological: of or relating to the study of values.

Verse: familiarize through thorough study or experience.

Semantics: the study of language meaning.

Poetics: study of poetic works.

Historical: of or relating to the study of history.

Metaphysics: the philosophical study of being and knowing.

Hotel Management: study about hospitality industry.

Hydrodynamics: study of fluids in motion.

Botanise: collect and study plants.

Axiology: the study of values and value judgments.

Metrology: the scientific study of measurement.

Premedical: preparing for the study of medicine.

Coin Collecting: the collection and study of money (and coins in particular).

Aetiologic: of or relating to the philosophical study of causation.

Related Words

Study : مطالعہ

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