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Ribbonfish 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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1. تیس فٹ لمبی چپو نما مچھلی Tees Foot Lambi Chppu Numa Machli : King Of The Herring, Oarfish, Regalecus Glesne, Ribbonfish : (noun) thin deep-water tropical fish 20 to 30 feet long having a red dorsal fin.

Ribbonfish in Book Titles

Trachipteridae: King-of-the-Salmon, Ribbonfish, Trachipterus Trachypterus, Scalloped Ribbonfish.
Study of Ribbonfish, Trichiurus Lepturus Off Maharashtra Coast, Indi.

Useful Words

20 - Twenty - Xx : بیس Base : the cardinal number that is the sum of nineteen and one.

30 - Thirty - Xxx : تیس Tees : the cardinal number that is the product of ten and three.

Deep : گہرا Gehra : the central and most intense or profound part. "In the deep of night"

Abaxial - Dorsal : محور سے دور Mehwar Se Dor : facing away from the axis of an organ or organism. "The abaxial surface of a leaf is the underside or side facing away from the stem"

Fin : مچھلی کا بازو یا پر Machli Ka Bazu Ya Par : organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Fish : مچھلی Machli : any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills. "The shark is a large fish"

Hanker - Long - Yearn : تڑپنا Tarapna : desire strongly or persistently. "Heart is longing to see you"

Blood-Red - Carmine - Cerise - Cherry - Cherry-Red - Crimson - Red - Reddish - Ruby - Ruby-Red - Ruddy - Scarlet : سرخی مائل Surkhi Mael : of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies.

Thin : باریک Bareek : of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section. "Thin wire"

Tropic - Tropical : گرم خطے کا Garam Khaty Ka : relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator). "Tropical islands"

Water : پانی Pani : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?"

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