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Rinse meaning in Urdu

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Rinse Definitions

1 of 6) Rinse, Rinsing : کھنگالنا : (noun) the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing.

Rinse these plates.
Rinse the cup of tea.

2 of 6) Rinse : پانی سے دہونا, کھنگالنا : (noun) a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint.

3 of 6) Rinse, Rinse Off : پانی سے صاف کرنا : (verb) wash off soap or remaining dirt.

Rinse it off.

4 of 6) Rinse, Wash : صاف کرنا : (verb) clean with some chemical process.

5 of 6) Rinse, Gargle : غرارے کرنا : (verb) rinse one`s mouth and throat with mouthwash.

6 of 6) Rinse : پانی ترانا, کھنگالنا : (noun) washing lightly without soap.

Useful Words

Clean : صاف کرنا , Handbasin : ہاتھ دہونے کی جگہ , Apogee : عروج , Climax : اختتام پذیر ہونا , Water-Wash : پانی سے دھونا , Unwashed : پانی سے پاک و صاف نہ کیا ہوا , Bath : بالٹی , Lave : غسل کرانا , Lavation : پانی سے دہونے کا عمل , Launder : دھلائی کرنا , Shower : غسل , Lavage : غسل اعضاء , Bath : نہانا , Scouring : رگڑ کر صاف کرنا , Wash : مٹی کا بہاوٴ جیسے سڑک پر سے موسلا دھار بارش کی وجہ سے , Basin : بیسن , Wash : دہونا , Dehydration : خشکی , Ablutionary : وضو کے متعلق , Gargle : غرارے کرنے کی دوا , Finger Bowl : ہاتھ دہونے والا پیالہ , Finalise : حتمی صورت دینا , Elution : دھلائی , Development : تشکیل , Scrub : مکمل طور پر دہونا , Mop : پوچھے سےصاف کرنا , Swab : پوچھا لگانا , Do The Dishes : برتن دھونا , Acid-Wash : تیزاب سے دھونا , Bath : غسل , Wash Out : دہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Clean: clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing.

Handbasin: a basin for washing the hands (`wash-hand basin' is a British expression).

Apogee: a final climactic stage.

Climax: end, especially to reach a final or climactic stage.

Water-Wash: wash with water.

Unwashed: not cleaned with or as if with soap and water.

Bath: a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body.

Lave: cleanse (one's body) with soap and water.

Lavation: the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water).

Launder: cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water.

Shower: washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle.

Lavage: washing out a hollow organ (especially the stomach) by flushing with water.

Bath: clean one`s body by immersion into water.

Scouring: the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water.

Wash: the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway).

Basin: a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you can wash your hands and face.

Wash: remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent.

Dehydration: dryness resulting from the removal of water.

Ablutionary: cleansing the body by washing; especially ritual washing of e.g. hands.

Gargle: a medicated solution used for gargling and rinsing the mouth.

Finger Bowl: small bowl for rinsing the fingers at table.

Finalise: make final; put the last touches on; put into final form.

Elution: the process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent to remove adsorbed material from an adsorbent (as in washing of loaded ion-exchange resins to remove captured ions); used to obtain uranium ions.

Development: a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage).

Scrub: wash thoroughly.

Mop: to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop.

Swab: wash with a swab or a mop.

Do The Dishes: wash dishes.

Acid-Wash: wash with acid so as to achieve a bleached look.

Bath: you soak and wash your body in a bathtub.

Wash Out: wash free from unwanted substances, such as dirt.

Related Words

Remotion : ہٹا دینے کا عمل

Rinse in Book Titles

Evaporative recovery of chromium plating rinse waters.
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