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Rooftree meaning in Urdu

Rooftree Synonyms

Rooftree Definitions

1) Rooftree, Ridge, Ridgepole : افقی بانس : (noun) a beam laid along the edge where two sloping sides of a roof meet at the top; provides an attachment for the upper ends of rafters.


Useful Words

Hip Roof : ڈھلان والی چھت , Gable Roof : کوہانی چھت , Gable : دیوار کا تکونی حصہ , Balk : شہتیری , Truss : پیل پایہ , Pediment : سنتوری , Butte : پہاڑی , Peter Pan Collar : ایک گول چپٹا , Parapet : منڈیر , Eaves : چھجہ , Chalet : پہاڑی بنگلہ , Amphistylar : ایسی عمارت جس کے دونوں جانب ستون ہوں , Amphiprostylar : ایسی عمارت جس کے دونوں جانب پر ستون ہوں , Back Saw : آری , Over : کے اوپر , Herringbone : چکور خانے والا ڈیزائن , Knife : چاقو , Hem : کپڑے کا کنارا , Spall : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا , Dacryocyst : آشوب چشم , Crenation : کنگرہ فصیل , Chisel : چھینی , Heterocercal : مچھلی کی دم , Detachment : علیحدگی , Acclivitous : چڑھائی , Declivitous : نیچے کی طرف ڈھلواں , Unsloped : سیدھا , Eminence : گلٹی , Chute : ڈھلوان , Canyonside : کھائی , Hilum : چشم لوبیا

Useful Words Definitions

Hip Roof: a roof having sloping ends as well as sloping sides.

Gable Roof: a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end.

Gable: the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof.

Balk: one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof.

Truss: a framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure.

Pediment: a triangular gable between a horizontal entablature and a sloping roof.

Butte: a hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding region; has a flat top and sloping sides.

Peter Pan Collar: a flat collar with rounded ends that meet in front.

Parapet: a low wall along the edge of a roof or balcony.

Eaves: the overhang at the lower edge of a roof.

Chalet: a Swiss house with a sloping roof and wide eaves or a house built in this style.

Amphistylar: having columns either at both ends or at both sides.

Amphiprostylar: marked by columniation having free columns in porticoes either at both ends or at both sides of a structure.

Back Saw: a handsaw that is stiffened by metal reinforcement along the upper edge.

Over: beyond the top or upper surface or edge; forward from an upright position.

Herringbone: a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way; it is used in weaving, masonry, parquetry, embroidery.

Knife: edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle.

Hem: the edge of a piece of cloth; especially the finished edge that has been doubled under and stitched down.

Spall: a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge.

Dacryocyst: either of the two dilated ends of the lacrimal ducts at the nasal ends of the eyes that fill with tears secreted by the lacrimal glands.

Crenation: one of a series of rounded projections (or the notches between them) formed by curves along an edge (as the edge of a leaf or piece of cloth or the margin of a shell or a shriveled red blood cell observed in a hypertonic solution etc.).

Chisel: an edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge used for cutting.

Heterocercal: possessing a tail with the upper lobe larger than the lower and with the vertebral column prolonged into the upper lobe.

Detachment: the act of releasing from an attachment or connection.

Acclivitous: sloping upward.

Declivitous: sloping down rather steeply.

Unsloped: in a vertical position; not sloping.

Eminence: a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament.

Chute: sloping channel through which things can descend.

Canyonside: the steeply sloping side of a canyon.

Hilum: the scar on certain seeds marking its point of attachment to the funicle.

Related Words

Beam : شہتیر

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