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روشنی ڈالنا : Roshni Daalna Meaning in English

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2 of 2) روشنی ڈالنا : Irradiate : (verb) cast rays of light upon.

Useful Words

بری : Absolved , سب ٹھیک ہے : All Clear , کوئی کام مکمل طور پر ختم کرنا : Clear Up , صاف ہونا : Brighten , خالی کرنا : Clean Out , ہٹانا : Clear , واضع : Clear-Cut , کمانا : Bring In , واضح کرنا : Clarify , اجازت دینا : Authorise , خطرہ ٹل جانے کا سگنل یا اشارہ : All Clear , چکانا : Clear , آسانی : Clear Sailing , ذکی : Clear-Thinking , تیز نظر : Clear-Sighted , شفاف : Crystal Clear , کھنکھارنا : Clear The Throat , صاف کرنا : Crystalise , ابہام : Ambiguity , بوکھلاہٹ : Confusion , بد نظمی کے ساتھ : Head Over Heels , چھوڑ دینا : Free , آزادانہ طور پر دیا گیا : Discretion , رکاوٹ ہٹانا : Disengage , بلند آواز والا جھگڑا : Brawl , فالتو : Free , آزادی دینا : Liberate , تیزی سے کمی آنا : Dip , آزادانہ تجارت : Free Trade , توانائی : Energy , اضافی وقت : Free Time

Useful Words Definitions

Absolved: freed from any question of guilt.

All Clear: permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed.

Clear Up: finish a task completely.

Brighten: become clear.

Clean Out: empty completely.

Clear: remove.

Clear-Cut: clearly or sharply defined to the mind.

Bring In: earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages.

Clarify: make clear and (more) comprehensible.

Authorise: grant authorization or clearance for.

All Clear: a signal (usually a siren) that danger is over.

Clear: settle, as of a debt.

Clear Sailing: easy unobstructed progress.

Clear-Thinking: not mentally confused; able to think clearly and act intelligently.

Clear-Sighted: having sharp clear vision.

Crystal Clear: transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity.

Clear The Throat: clear mucus or food from one`s throat.

Crystalise: cause to take on a definite and clear shape.

Ambiguity: an expression whose meaning cannot be determined from its context.

Confusion: disorder resulting from a failure to behave predictably.

Head Over Heels: in disorderly haste.

Free: part with a possession or right.

Discretion: the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies.

Disengage: free or remove obstruction from.

Brawl: a noisy fight in a crowd.

Free: not occupied or in use.

Liberate: grant freedom to.

Dip: a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity.

Free Trade: international trade free of government interference.

Energy: (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs.

Free Time: time that is free from duties or responsibilities.

Related Words

روشن ہونا : Lighten

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