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Roundly meaning in Urdu

Roundly Sentence

He was criticized roundly.

Roundly Synonyms


Roundly Definitions

1) Roundly, Bluffly, Bluntly, Brusquely, Flat Out : کھل کر, دو ٹوک انداز سے : (adverb) in a blunt direct manner.

Useful Words

Unswervingly : ثابت قدمی سے , Rebuff : انکار , Avouch : ڈنکے کی چوٹ ماننا , Stubby : چھوٹا اور تیز , Pug-Nose : چھوٹی چڑھی ہوئی ناک والا , Brickbat : کھلی تنقید , Frankness : صاف گوئی , Bodkin : سوئی , Common Ax : کلہاڑی , Porpoise : سنگ ماہی , Probe : ایک آلہ جو کسی زخم وغیرہ کو جانچنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے , Butt Shaft : بے نوک تیر , Straightway : بالکل سیدھا , Wend : جانا , Antipode : مقابل , Charge : تاننا , Manage : رہنمائی کرنا , Center : توجہ دینا , Administer : کوئی کام لینا , Steer : راہ دکھانا , Square : سیدھا , Address : سوال کرنا , Depart : بھٹک جانا , Carry On : چلانا , Drift : بھٹک جانا , Contrary : الٹ , Draw Rein : لگام سنبھالنا , Ask : پوچھنا , Unobservable : ناقابل مشاہدہ , Control : قابو , Secondary : ثانوی درجے کی اہمیت

Useful Words Definitions

Unswervingly: without swerving; in a direct and unswerving manner.

Rebuff: reject outright and bluntly.

Avouch: admit openly and bluntly; make no bones about.

Stubby: short and blunt.

Pug-Nose: having a blunt nose.

Brickbat: blunt criticism.

Frankness: the trait of being blunt and outspoken.

Bodkin: a blunt needle for threading ribbon through loops.

Common Ax: an ax with a long handle and a head that has one cutting edge and one blunt side.

Porpoise: any of several small gregarious cetacean mammals having a blunt snout and many teeth.

Probe: a flexible slender surgical instrument with a blunt end that is used to explore wounds or body cavities.

Butt Shaft: a blunt arrow without a barb; an arrow used for target practice.

Straightway: in a direct course.

Wend: direct one's course or way.

Antipode: direct opposite.

Charge: direct into a position for use.

Manage: watch and direct.

Center: direct one`s attention on something.

Administer: direct the taking of.

Steer: direct (oneself) somewhere.

Square: in a straight direct way.

Address: direct a question at someone.

Depart: wander from a direct or straight course.

Carry On: direct the course of; manage or control.

Drift: wander from a direct course or at random.

Contrary: a relation of direct opposition.

Draw Rein: control and direct with or as if by reins.

Ask: direct or put; seek an answer to.

Unobservable: not accessible to direct observation.

Control: power to direct or determine.

Secondary: being of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate.

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