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Rubbish meaning in Urdu

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Rubbish Definitions

1 of 2) Rubbish, Scrap, Trash : کباڑ, ردی : (noun) worthless material that is to be disposed of.

2 of 2) Rubbish, Applesauce, Codswallop, Folderol, Trash, Tripe, Trumpery, Wish-Wash : بکواس : (noun) nonsensical talk or writing.

Useful Words

Ash Bin : کچرا دان , Circular File : ردی کی ٹوکری , Cluttered : بکھرا , Litter : بے ترتیب پڑا ہوا کوڑا کرکٹ , Dross : فضلہ , Ragpicker : کباڑیا , Scum : گھٹیا شخص , Drivel : بے تکی گفتگو , Goldbrick : نکھٹو , Diddley : ذرا , Loon : بیکار سست ساتھی , Baggage : بداخلاق عورت , Barren : بنجر , Waste : فضلا , Cripple : کمزور کرنا , Bunco : فریبی چال , Heat Of Vaporisation : ابلنے کی حرارت , Amiable : ملنسار , Amenable : ماننے والا , Disposable : وہ چیز جو استعمال کے بعد ضیاع ہو سکے , Willing : چاہنے والا , Apt : تیار ہونا , Unsympathetic : غیر متعلق , Incredulous : منکر , Unsold : غیر فروخت شدہ , Disposable : قابل ضیاع , Credulous : ضعیف الاعتقاد , Audacious : بے باک , Incline : راضی ہونا , Peace-Loving : امن پسند , Unfriendly : بے مروت

Useful Words Definitions

Ash Bin: a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected.

Circular File: a container with an open top; for discarded paper and other rubbish.

Cluttered: filled or scattered with a disorderly accumulation of objects or rubbish.

Litter: rubbish carelessly dropped or left about (especially in public places).

Dross: worthless or dangerous material that should be removed.

Ragpicker: an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood.

Scum: worthless people.

Drivel: a worthless message.

Goldbrick: an idle worthless person.

Diddley: a small worthless amount.

Loon: a worthless lazy fellow.

Baggage: a worthless or immoral woman.

Barren: an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation.

Waste: any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted.

Cripple: deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless.

Bunco: a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property.

Heat Of Vaporisation: heat absorbed by a unit mass of a material at its boiling point in order to convert the material into a gas at the same temperature.

Amiable: disposed to please.

Amenable: disposed or willing to comply.

Disposable: an item that can be disposed of after it has been used.

Willing: disposed or inclined toward.

Apt: (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward.

Unsympathetic: not sympathetic or disposed toward.

Incredulous: not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving.

Unsold: not disposed of by purchase.

Disposable: designed to be disposed of after use.

Credulous: disposed to believe on little evidence.

Audacious: disposed to venture or take risks.

Incline: feel favorably disposed or willing.

Peace-Loving: inclined or disposed to peace.

Unfriendly: not disposed to friendship or friendliness.

Related Words

Argot : زبان , Debris : تباہ شدہ چیز کی باقیات