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1 of 3) Run Out, Beetle Off, Bolt, Bolt Out, Run Off : جلدی میں جانا : (verb) leave suddenly and as if in a hurry.

2 of 3) Run Out, Expire : ختم ہو نا, اختتام پانا : (verb) lose validity.

3 of 3) Run Out, Spill : پانی وغیرہ گرنا, بہانا : (verb) flow, run or fall out and become lost.

Useful Words

Unbolt : کنڈی کھول دینا , Bolt : کنڈی لگانا , Hook Spanner : پانا , Spanner : پانا , Clinch : کیل کا سرا , Thunder : گرج , Nut : پیچ , Decamp : اچانک چھوڑدینا , Walk Out : غصے میں کسی جگہ سے چلے جانا , Abandon : چھوڑ دینا , Rush Away : بھاگنا , Haste : جلدی , Unhurried : تحمل سے , Rusher : جلد باز شخص , Drop : چھوٹ جانا , Blister Beetle : بھنورا , Whirligig Beetle : آبی بہونروں کی قسم , Firefly : جگنو , Lady Beetle : پنبہ دوز , Japanese Beetle : جاپانی بھوترا , Depart : چھوڑ دینا , Depart : چلے جانا , Move Out : لے جانا , Absent : چھوڑ دینا , Presto : اچانک , Discharge : خالی کرنا , Hightail : جلدی میں نکلنا , Detrain : ریل گاڑی سے اتارنا , Change : بدل لینا , Pop Off : اچانک چھوڑ جانا , Awol : بغیر درخواست کے چھٹی کرنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Unbolt: undo the bolt of.

Bolt: Lock with a bolt.

Hook Spanner: a wrench with a hook that fits over a nut or bolt head.

Spanner: a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt.

Clinch: the flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet.

Thunder: a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning.

Nut: a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt.

Decamp: leave suddenly.

Walk Out: leave suddenly, often as an expression of disapproval.

Abandon: leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch.

Rush Away: depart in a hurry.

Haste: a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry.

Unhurried: relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste.

Rusher: a person who rushes; someone in a hurry; someone who acts precipitously.

Drop: leave undone or leave out.

Blister Beetle: beetle that produces a secretion that blisters the skin.

Whirligig Beetle: aquatic beetle that circles rapidly on the water surface.

Firefly: nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs.

Lady Beetle: small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests.

Japanese Beetle: small metallic green and brown beetle native to eastern Asia; serious plant pest in North America.

Depart: go away or leave.

Depart: leave.

Move Out: cause to leave.

Absent: go away or leave.

Presto: suddenly.

Discharge: leave or unload.

Hightail: leave as fast as possible.

Detrain: leave a train.

Change: lay aside, abandon, or leave for another.

Pop Off: leave quickly.

Awol: one who is away or absent without leave.

Related Words

Slop : بہانا , Go Away : جانا , Brim Over : بہہ جانا , Discontinue : بند کر دینا

Close Words

Run : بھاگنا , Run A Risk : فائدے کے لئے خطرہ مول لینا , Run Across : ملنا , Run Afoul : خلاف ورزی کرنا , Run Aground : زمین پر لانا , Run Around : بے فکری سے کھیلنا , Run Down : تجزیہ کرنا , Run Into : ٹکرا جانا , Run Low : کم ہونا , Run Off : کوئی چیز لے کر بھاگ جانا , Run Through : خرچ کرنا

Close Words Definitions

Run: move fast by using one`s feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time.

Run A Risk: take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome.

Run Across: come together.

Run Afoul: go against, as of rules and laws.

Run Aground: bring to the ground.

Run Around: play boisterously.

Run Down: examine hastily.

Run Into: collide violently with an obstacle.

Run Low: to be spent or finished.

Run Off: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along.

Run Through: use up (resources or materials).

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