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Rupture meaning in Urdu

Rupture Synonyms


Rupture Definitions

1 of 4) Rupture : پھٹنے کا عمل, پھوٹنا : (noun) state of being torn or burst open.

2 of 4) Rupture, Bust, Snap, Tear : پھاڑنا : (verb) separate or cause to separate abruptly.

3 of 4) Rupture, Breach, Break, Falling Out, Rift, Severance : ناچاقی, علیحدگی, جدائی : (noun) a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions).

4 of 4) Rupture : پھٹنے کی آواز : (noun) the act of making a sudden noisy break.

Useful Words

Hernia : بادخایہ , Herniated Disc : کمر کی رگوں کا ٹکرانا , Apoplexy : اچانک دماغ کی رگ کا پھٹ جانا , Pull : پھاڑ ڈالنا , Dehisce : کھلنا , Sweater Girl : ابھری ہوئی چھاتیوں والی لڑکی , Open : پھیلانا , Porkpie : مردانہ ہیٹ , Rip Up : ادھیڑنا , Lacerate : پھاڑنا , Lacerate : پھٹا ہوا , Tear Sheet : اشتہاری تراشہ , Ragged : خراب و خستہ , Pinch : چبھنا , Abrasion : رگڑ , Dismantle : گرانا , Bite : کاٹنا , Moth-Eaten : خستہ حال , Bushel : ٹھیک کرنا , Tatterdemalion : پھٹا پرانا , Darn : رفو کرنا , Burst : پھاڑنا , Go Off : اندر کی طرف پھٹنا , Indent : نشان لگانا , Chafe : ادھیڑنا , Blow : پھٹنا , Fang : جنگلی جانور کا لمبا نوکیلا دانت , Stave : سراخ کرنا , Burst : پھٹنا , Flare : شعلہ , Blow Up : پھوڑنا

Useful Words Definitions

Hernia: rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes.

Herniated Disc: a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae; occurs most often in the lumbar region.

Apoplexy: a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain.

Pull: tear or be torn violently.

Dehisce: burst or split open.

Sweater Girl: a girl with an attractive bust who wears tight sweaters.

Open: spread out or open from a closed or folded state.

Porkpie: man`s hat with a low, flat crown and a snap brim.

Rip Up: tear into shreds.

Lacerate: cut or tear irregularly.

Lacerate: irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn.

Tear Sheet: a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication.

Ragged: being or dressed in clothes that are worn or torn.

Pinch: irritate as if by a nip, pinch, or tear.

Abrasion: an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off.

Dismantle: tear down so as to make flat with the ground.

Bite: to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws.

Moth-Eaten: showing signs of wear and tear.

Bushel: restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.

Tatterdemalion: worn to shreds; or wearing torn or ragged clothing.

Darn: sewing that repairs a worn or torn hole (especially in a garment).

Burst: cause to burst.

Go Off: burst inward.

Indent: cut or tear along an irregular line so that the parts can later be matched for authentication.

Chafe: tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading.

Blow: burst suddenly.

Fang: canine tooth of a carnivorous animal; used to seize and tear its prey.

Stave: burst or force (a hole) into something.

Burst: burst outward, usually with noise.

Flare: a sudden burst of flame.

Blow Up: cause to burst with a violent release of energy.

Related Words

Break : ٹوٹنا , Harm : زخم , Disunite : جدا کرنا