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Saal Ka Chatha Mahena : سال کا چھٹہ مہینہ

1. June : جون - سال کا چھٹہ مہینہ : (noun) the month following May and preceding July.

Taaqub : Following : the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture. "The culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"

Muqladeen, Manny Walay : Following : a group of followers or enthusiasts.

Tees Din : Month : a time unit of approximately 30 days. "He was given a month to pay the bill"

Mahena, Mah : Month : one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year. "This is the month of patience"

Mae, Saal Ka Panchwa... : May : the month following April and preceding June. "Since May"