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Sabqa Tajurba : سابقہ تجربہ

1. Background : سابقہ تجربہ : (noun) a person's social heritage: previous experience or training.

Shakhs, Insaan : Person : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Wirasat : Heritage : hereditary succession to a title or an office or property. "This art is our heritage"

Mashq, Tarbiyat : Training : activity leading to skilled behavior. "They are grooming"

Virsa : Heritage : any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors. "My only inheritance was my mother`s blessing"

Achi Parwarish ... : Training : the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior). "A woman of breeding and refinement"

Miras : Heritage : practices that are handed down from the past by tradition. "A heritage of freedom"

Tajurba : Experience : the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities. "A man of experience"