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سچ : Sach Meaning in English

Sach Sentences

Sach in Detail

1 of 3) صداقت سچائی حق : Truth : (noun) a fact that has been verified.


2 of 3) سچ صحیح درست : True : (adjective) consistent with fact or reality; not false.

3 of 3) واقعی سچ : Verily : (adverb) in truth; certainly.

Useful Words

مطابق : Consistent : (sometimes followed by `with`) in agreement or consistent or reliable. "Testimony consistent with the known facts".

اصل معلومعات : Fact : a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred. "Just get your facts straight before arguing with me".

باطل : False : not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality. "Don`t make false statements".

نہیں : Non : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that".

حقیقت : Realism : the state of being actual or real. "Every politician make promises for betterment of the country but their reality comes out when they come in power".

تصدیق شدہ : Verified : proved to be true. "A verified claim".

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