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1 of 4) Safe : تجوری : (noun) strongbox where valuables can be safely kept.

2 of 4) Safe : محفوظ : (adjective) free from danger or the risk of harm.

A safe trip.
You will be safe here.+ More

3 of 4) Safe, Condom, Prophylactic, Rubber, Safety : عضو تناسل کا غلاف, کنڈوم : (noun) contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse.

4 of 4) Safe, Dependable, Good, Secure : سود مند, منافع بخش : (satellite adjective) financially sound.

Useful Words

Dangerousness : خطرناکی , Safeness : سلامتی , Refuge : پناہ گاہ , Insecure : پر خطر , Bad : بہت خطرناک , Sound : معاشی طور پر مستحکم , Preserver : محافظ , Safely : بلا خوف و خطر , Speed Demon : تیز چلانے والا , Registered Mail : رجسٹرڈ ڈاک جس کی ضمانت دی جاتی ہے , Contraception : امتناع حمل , Cold Rubber : سخت ربڑ , Cashbox : تجوری , Spoil : مال غنیمت , Coffer : جیب , Snugly : آرام سے , Navigable : جہاز رانی کے قابل , Cache : تجوری , Strongroom : وہ کمرہ جس میں نقب یا آگ لگنے کا اندیشہ نہ ہو , Cabinet : الماری , Casket : ڈبیا , Base Hit : بنیادی ضرب , Air Cushion : ہوا بھرا تکیہ , Plimsoll : ایک جوتا جس کا تلا ربڑ کا ہو , Steal : چرانا , Balloon : غبارہ , Hockey Puck : برفانی ہاکی کی گوٹی , Neoprene : کیمیا ایک مصنوعی کیمیاوی مرکب , Cushion : کشن , Rollerblade : پہیے دار جوتے پہن کر پھسلنا , Bird : شٹل

Useful Words Definitions

Dangerousness: the quality of not being safe.

Safeness: the quality of being safe.

Refuge: a safe place.

Insecure: not safe from attack.

Bad: not financially safe or secure.

Sound: financially secure and safe.

Preserver: someone who keeps safe from harm or danger.

Safely: with safety; in a safe manner.

Speed Demon: a driver who exceeds the safe speed limit.

Registered Mail: mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery.

Contraception: birth control by the use of devices (diaphragm or intrauterine device or condom) or drugs or surgery.

Cold Rubber: a rubber made at low temperatures (5 degrees Centigrade) which is tougher than conventional rubber and is often used in car tires.

Cashbox: a strongbox for holding cash.

Spoil: (usually plural) valuables taken by violence (especially in war).

Coffer: a chest especially for storing valuables.

Snugly: safely protected.

Navigable: able to be sailed on or through safely.

Cache: a secret store of valuables or money.

Strongroom: a burglarproof and fireproof room in which valuables are kept.

Cabinet: a storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock.

Casket: small and often ornate box for holding jewels or other valuables.

Base Hit: (baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely.

Air Cushion: a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated.

Plimsoll: a light gym shoe with a rubber sole and a canvas top.

Steal: a stolen base; an instance in which a base runner advances safely during the delivery of a pitch (without the help of a hit or walk or passed ball or wild pitch).

Balloon: small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck.

Hockey Puck: a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey.

Neoprene: a synthetic rubber that is resistant to oils and aging; used in waterproof products.

Cushion: a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc..

Rollerblade: travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles.

Bird: badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers.

Related Words

Harmless : بے ضرر , Off The Hook : بری کرنا , Safe And Sound : زخم یا خطرے سے محفوظ , Secure : محفوظ , Invulnerable : جہاں سے حملہ نہ ہو سکے