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سماجی بہبود : Samaji Bhebood Meaning in English

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Samaji Bhebood in Detail

1) سماجی بہبود وظیفہ : Public Assistance Social Welfare Welfare : (noun) governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need.

Related : Relief : aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped. Pogy : money received from the state. Financial Aid : money to support a worthy person or cause.

Useful Words

سہارا : Aid, Assist, Assistance, Help : the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose. "Sameer started his first job and his coworker assisted him how and where to begin".

عوامی انداز میں : In Public, Publically, Publicly : in a manner accessible to or observable by the public; openly. "She admitted publicly to being a communist".

عوامی : Public : not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole. "The public good".

عوامی خطابت کا نظام : P.A., P.A. System, Pa, Pa System, Public Address System : an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areas.

عوامی بیت الخلا : Comfort Station, Convenience, Public Convenience, Public Lavatory, Public Toilet, Restroom, Toilet Facility, Wash Room : a toilet that is available to the public. "I have to go to restroom".

سرکاری وکیل : Public Defender : a lawyer who represents indigent defendants at public expense.

سرکاری زمین : Public Domain : property rights that are held by the public at large.

جلاد : Executioner, Public Executioner : an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant.

توجہ کا مرکز بنے والی چیز : Glare, Limelight, Public Eye, Spotlight : a focus of public attention. "Limelight winter collection".

مشہور شخص : Figure, Name, Public Figure : a well-known or notable person. "They studied all the great names in the history of France".

سرکاری تعطیل : Legal Holiday, National Holiday, Public Holiday : authorized by law and limiting work or official business.

شراب خانہ : Gin Mill, Pothouse, Pub, Public House, Saloon, Taphouse : tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals.

مسکینوں کی بستی : Housing Project, Public Housing : a housing development that is publicly funded and administered for low-income families. "I live in a housing project".

قانون عامہ : Public Law : a law affecting the public at large.

عوامی پریشانی : Common Nuisance, Public Nuisance : a nuisance that unreasonably interferes with a right that is common to the general public. "A public nuisance offends the public at large".

رائے طلبی : Canvass, Opinion Poll, Poll, Public Opinion Poll : an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people.

اداکاری : Performance, Public Presentation : a dramatic or musical entertainment. "They listened to ten different performances".

پریس : Press, Public Press : the print media responsible for gathering and publishing news in the form of newspapers or magazines.

جائیداد عامہ : Public Property : property owned by a government.

مدعی : Prosecuting Attorney, Prosecuting Officer, Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor : a government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state. "Prosecuting officer should be present in court".

عامل تشہیرات : Pr Man, Press Agent, Public Relations Man, Publicity Man : someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure).

حکومت کا ایک ملازم : Public Servant : someone who holds a government position (either by election or appointment).

فلاح عامہ : Community Service, Public Service : a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions.

فن تقریر کا استاد : Orator, Public Speaker, Rhetorician, Speechifier, Speechmaker : a person who delivers a speech or oration. "Very fame rhetorician".

عوامی فن تقریر : Oral Presentation, Public Speaking, Speaking, Speechmaking : delivering an address to a public audience. "People came to see the candidates and hear the speechmaking".

چورنگی : Public Square, Square : an open area at the meeting of two or more streets.

سرکاری خزانہ : Public Treasury, Till, Trough : a treasury for government funds.

دنگا : Public Violence, Riot : a public act of violence by an unruly mob. "Riots spread across London following disorder in Tottenham".

انگریز شاعر : A. E. Housman, Alfred Edward Housman, Housman : an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems.

مجرم کا مددگار : Accessory After The Fact : a person who gives assistance or comfort to someone known to be a felon or known to be sought in connection with the commission of a felony.

مہمان خانہ : Accommodation : living quarters provided for public convenience. "Overnight accommodations are available".

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