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سامنے کے دانت : Samnay Kay Dant Meaning in English

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1) سامنے کے دانت : Anterior Front Tooth : (noun) a tooth situated at the front of the mouth.

Related : Tooth : hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates; used for biting and chewing or for attack and defense. Bucktooth : a large projecting front tooth.

Useful Words

ایک خطرناک بیماری : Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis, Infantile Paralysis, Polio, Poliomyelitis : an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord.

پہلے : Anterior, Prior : earlier in time.

ناک کے سوراخ : Anterior Naris, Nostril : either one of the two external openings to the nasal cavity in the nose. "Nostril infection".

دماغ کا غدود : Adenohypophysis, Anterior Pituitary, Anterior Pituitary Gland : the anterior lobe of the pituitary body; primarily glandular in nature.

تھوتھنی : Acanthion : the craniometric point at the anterior extremity of the intermaxillary suture.

ہڈی بڑھنے کی بیماری : Acromegalia, Acromegaly : enlargement of bones of hands and feet and face; often accompanied by headache and muscle pain and emotional disturbances; caused by overproduction of growth hormone by the anterior pituitary gland (due to a tumor).

نطفے کا ملاپ : Acrosome : a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg.

تناو کا ہارمون : Acth, Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone, Adrenocorticotrophin, Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, Adrenocorticotropin, Corticotrophin, Corticotropin : a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex.

پہلے سے : Anteriorly : in an anterior direction.

دماغ کا سب سے بڑا حصہ : Cerebrum : anterior portion of the brain consisting of two hemispheres; dominant part of the brain in humans.

شہ رگ سے منسلک اہم نسیں : Common Cardinal Vein : the major return channels to the heart; formed by anastomosis of the anterior and posterior cardinal veins. "The superior cardinal veins bring the blood from the head region via the left and right common cardinal vein".

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