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سامراجیت : Samrajit Meaning in English

Samrajit in Detail

1) سامراجیت : Imperialism : (noun) a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries.


Useful Words

ملک : Country : the territory occupied by a nation. "I had to leave the country".

غیر ملکی : Foreign : of concern to or concerning the affairs of other nations (other than your own). "Foreign trade".

ختم ہونا : All Over : having come or been brought to a conclusion. "The epidemic of Corona has spread all over the world".

تدبیر : Policy : a plan of action adopted by an individual or social group. "People who have returned to Pakistan from abroad and now want to get back to abroad, so those countries have changed their policy and said that travelers must go for covid test before traveling".

طریقہ : Regulation : a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior. "The rule of state that Tayyab Erdogan has made in Turkey has never been made in any other country".

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