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1 of 3) Sanctuary : مقدس مقام, پاک جگہ جیسے خانہ کعبہ : (noun) a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept.

2 of 3) Sanctuary, Asylum, Refuge : پناہ : (noun) a shelter from danger or hardship.

3 of 3) Sanctuary, Bema, Chancel : گرجے کا صدر مقام : (noun) area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing.

Useful Words

Haven : ٹھکانا , Holy Of Holies : پاک ترین جگہ , Harbor : پناہ گاہ , Holy : مقدس جگہ , Pilgrim's Journey : زیارت , Desecrate : بے حرمتی کرنا , Pilgrim : مقدس مقامات کا مسافر , Shrine : مزار , Bedlam : پاگل خانہ , Shadow : پناہ , Unhallowed : غیر مقدس , Farsightedness : دور کے مقابلے قریب کی نظر کی کمزوری , Chrism : مقدس تیل , Inviolable : واجب العمل , Sacredness : تقدس , Psalmist : مناجاتوں کا مصنف , Iconolatry : تصویر پرستی , Canonise : مقدس بنانا , Vagrancy : خانہ بدوشی , Bible : بائبل , Koranic : قرآنی , Blasphemous : گستاخانہ , Psalm : مقدس گیت , Holy Of Holies : ناقابل تسخیر , Ordination : تعیناتی , Migrant : مہاجر , Blasphemy : بے ادبی , Sacred Scripture : مقدس صحیفہ , Religious : مذہب سے متعلق , Blasphemer : گستاخی کرنے والا , Blasphemy : کفر

Useful Words Definitions

Haven: a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.

Holy Of Holies: (Judaism) sanctuary comprised of the innermost chamber of the Tabernacle in the temple of Solomon where the Ark of the Covenant was kept.

Harbor: a place of refuge and comfort and security.

Holy: a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Pilgrim's Journey: a journey to a sacred place.

Desecrate: violate the sacred character of a place or language.

Pilgrim: someone who journeys to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion.

Shrine: a place hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person.

Bedlam: pejorative terms for an insane asylum.

Shadow: refuge from danger or observation.

Unhallowed: not hallowed or consecrated.

Farsightedness: abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects.

Chrism: Holy oil typically refers to an anointing oil used in religious rituals and ceremonies. It may be consecrated or blessed and holds symbolic significance in various religious traditions for spiritual purposes..

Inviolable: must be kept sacred.

Sacredness: the quality of being sacred.

Psalmist: a composer of sacred songs.

Iconolatry: the worship of sacred images.

Canonise: treat as a sacred person.

Vagrancy: the state of wandering from place to place; having no permanent home or means of livelihood.

Bible: the sacred writings of the Christian religions.

Koranic: of or related to the sacred texts of Islam.

Blasphemous: grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred.

Psalm: any sacred song used to praise the deity.

Holy Of Holies: (figurative) something regarded as sacred or inviolable.

Ordination: the status of being ordained to a sacred office.

Migrant: habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work.

Blasphemy: blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character.

Sacred Scripture: any writing that is regarded as sacred by a religious group.

Religious: concerned with sacred matters or religion or the church.

Blasphemer: a person who speaks disrespectfully of sacred things.

Blasphemy: blasphemous language (expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred).

Related Words

Church : عیسائیوں کی عبادت گاہ , Shelter : محفوظ جگہ , Place : جگہ

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