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سانس اندر کھینچنا : Sans Andar Khynchna Meaning in English

Sans Andar Khynchna in Detail

1) سانس اندر کھینچنا سانس اندر لینا : Inhale : (verb) draw deep into the lungs in by breathing.

Useful Words

سانس اندر لینا : Breathe In, Inhale, Inspire : draw in (air). "Inhale deeply".

سوں سوں کرنا : Sniff, Sniffle : inhale audibly through the nose. "The sick student was sniffling in the back row".

ناک سے اندر لینا : Snort, Take A Hit : inhale through the nose.

ناک کے ذریعہ اندر کھینچنا : Snuff : inhale audibly through the nose. "Snuff coke".

سانس لینا : Breathe, Respire, Suspire, Take A Breath : draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs. "I can breathe better when the air is clean".

خون میں کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ کی کمی : Acapnia, Hypocapnia : a state in which the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal; can result from deep or rapid breathing.

سانس لینے کا سوراخ : Spiracle : a breathing orifice.

جھاڑ پھونے کا عمل : Insufflation : an act of blowing or breathing on or into something.

سانس باہر نکالنا : Breathing Out, Exhalation, Expiration : the act of expelling air from the lungs.

کیڑا : Insect : small air-breathing arthropod.

ساکن : Breathless, Dyspneal, Dyspneic, Dyspnoeal, Dyspnoeic : not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty. "Breathless at thought of what I had done".

ہانپتا ہوا : Blown, Pursy, Short-Winded, Winded : breathing laboriously or convulsively.

گلا گھونٹنا : Choke, Strangle : constrict (someone`s) throat and keep from breathing.

سانس لینے کا عمل : Respiration : a single complete act of breathing in and out. "Thirty respirations per minute".

مرنے کے قریب : Moribund : being on the point of death; breathing your last. "A moribund patient".

پھیپھڑوں سے متعلق : Pneumonic, Pulmonary, Pulmonic : relating to or affecting the lungs. "Pulmonary disease".

خراٹے لینے والا : Stertorous : of breathing having a heavy snoring sound.

اندر کی طرف سانس لینا : Aspiration, Breathing In, Inhalation, Inspiration, Intake : the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing.

آواز سے سانس لینا : Wheeze : breathing with a husky or whistling sound.

دم گہونٹنا : Asphyxiate, Smother, Suffocate : deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing. "Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow".

دمہ سے متعلق : Asthmatic, Wheezing, Wheezy : relating to breathing with a whistling sound.

نزدیک آنا : Close : draw near. "The probe closed with the space station".

پھیپھڑوں کا ڈاکٹر : Pulmonologist : A doctor who specializes in the study of lungs. "Pulmonologist surgeon".

غلافی غوطہ زن ہونا : Skin Diving, Skin-Dive : underwater swimming without any more breathing equipment than a snorkel.

دم گھٹنے کا عمل : Asphyxiation, Suffocation : the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped). "Asphyxiation is sometimes used as a form of torture".

بے جان : Breathless, Inanimate, Pulseless : appearing dead; not breathing or having no perceptible pulse. "An inanimate body".

نتھنوں کے ذریعے زور زور سے سانس لینا : Snort : indicate contempt by breathing noisily and forcefully through the nose. "She snorted her disapproval of the proposed bridegroom".

پیٹ سے سانس لینا : Abdominal Breathing : breathing in which most of the respiratory effort is done by the abdominal muscles. "Abdominal breathing is practiced by singers".

خون بہانا : Bleed, Leech, Phlebotomise, Phlebotomize : draw blood. "In the old days, doctors routinely bled patients as part of the treatment".

سکڑنا : Contract, Shrink : become smaller or draw together. "The fabric shrank".

کارٹون بنانا : Cartoon : draw cartoons of.

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