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Sar Kay Upri Hissay Ki Khal : سَر کے اُوپَری حِصّے کی کھال

1. Scalp : سر کے اوپری حصے کی کھال : (noun) the skin that covers the top of the head.

Dahal : Cover : fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations. "Artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal"

Chupana : Cover : the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it. "The cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft"

Khal : Skin : body covering of a living animal.

Kitab Ki Jild, Kor, Jild Sazi : Cover : the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book. "The book had a leather binding"

Razai, Lihaaf, Kambl : Cover : bedding that keeps a person warm in bed. "Cover yourself in a blanket"

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