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Sar Phone : سر فون

1. Earphone, Earpiece, Headphone, Phone : سر فون : (noun) electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear.

Awaz : Sound : the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause. "Voice isn`t getting through"

Kan : Ear : the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium. "Do I pull your ear?"

Kan Ka Bahar Wa... : Ear : the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear.

Tawaja : Ear : attention to what is said. "He tried to get her ear"

Koi Eshara : Signal : any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message. "Signals from the boat suddenly stopped"

Pani Ki Ek Patl... : Sound : a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water.

Over : Over : (cricket) the division of play during which six balls are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch.

Gherai Napna : Sound : measure the depth of (a body of water) with a sounding line.

Zahir Karna : Signal : be a signal for or a symptom of. "These symptoms indicate a serious illness"

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