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Sasta : سستا

1. Bargain Rate, Cheapness, Cut Price, Cut Rate : سستا - عام قیمت سے کم : (noun) a price below the standard price.

2. Cheap, Inexpensive : سستا - کم قیمت : (adjective) relatively low in price or charging low prices.

Dam, Keemat : Price : the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold). "Prices have jumped"

Keemat : Price : value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something. "New Cultus VXRi EURO II price is Rs 1,044,000"

Kasuti : Standard : the ideal in terms of which something can be judged. "They live by the standards of their community"

Kasuti, Mayaar : Standard : a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated. "The schools comply with federal standards"

Aam : Standard : regularly and widely used or sold. "A standard size"

Aam : Standard : conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers. "Standard English"

Neeche : Below : at a later place. "See below"

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