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Saw Palmetto meaning in Urdu

Jonubi Amreca Mein Paya Jany Wala Kantoun Se Bahra Ek Powda Ya Darakht
جنُوبی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا کانٹوں سے بھرا ایک پودا یا درخت

Saw Palmetto Sentence

Saw palmetto good for prostate health.

Saw Palmetto Synonyms

Scrub Palmetto
Serenoa Repens

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Fan Palm

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Saw Palmetto in Detail

1) Saw Palmetto, Scrub Palmetto, Serenoa Repens : جنوبی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا کانٹوں سے بھرا ایک پودا یا درخت : (noun) small hardy clump-forming spiny palm of southern United States.

Related : Fan Palm : palm having palmate or fan-shaped leaves.


Saw Palmetto in Book Titles

Saw Palmetto: Hormone Health Enhancer.
User`s Guide to Saw Palmetto and Men`s Health.
Saw Palmetto: Natures Prostate Healer.

Useful Words

Hardy, Stalwart, Stout, Sturdy : سخت جان : having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships. "Sturdy young athletes".

Palm, Thenar : ہتھیلی : the inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers. "Palm is swelling".

Little, Small : صغیر : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room".

Southerly, Southern : جنوب کے متعلق : situated in or oriented toward the south. "A southern exposure".

Barbed, Barbellate, Briary, Briery, Bristled, Bristly, Burred, Burry, Prickly, Setaceous, Setose, Spiny, Thorny : خاردار : having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.. "Spiny shrubs".

State : حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Overthinking ruined his mental state".

United : متحدہ : characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity. "Presented a united front".