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School Principal

1. School Principal, Head, Head Teacher, Principal : پرنسپل - مہتمم : (Noun) The educator who has executive authority for a school.

She sent unruly pupils to see the principal.

Educator, Pedagog, Pedagogue - someone who educates young people.

Authorisation, Authority, Authorization, Sanction - اجازت - official permission or approval; "authority for the program was renewed several times".

Educator, Pedagog, Pedagogue - استاد - someone who educates young people.

Executive, Executive Director - کسی ادارے وغیرہ کے امور انجام دینے کا ذمہ دار - a person responsible for the administration of a business.

School, Schooling - مکتبی تعلیم - the process of being formally educated at a school; "what will you do when you finish school?".

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