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1) Scientific Agriculture, Agronomy : کھيتوں کی ديکھ بھال, علم کھیتی باڑی : (noun) the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production.

Related : Scientific Discipline : a particular branch of scientific knowledge. Agrobiology : the study of plant nutrition and growth especially as a way to increase crop yield. Agrology : science of soils in relation to crops.

Useful Words

Agribusiness, Agriculture, Factory Farm : تجارتی ادارہ جو کاشتکاری بطور کاروبار کرتا ہو : a large-scale farming enterprise. "Food and agriculture ministry in Pakistan".

Agriculture Secretary, Secretary Of Agriculture : وزیر زراعت : the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Agriculture. "The first Secretary of Agriculture was Norman J Colman, who was appointed by Cleveland".

Scientific : سائنسی : of or relating to the practice of science. "Scientific journals".

Science, Scientific Discipline : سائنس : a particular branch of scientific knowledge. "The science of genetics".

Scientific Method : سائنسی طریقہ : a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses.

Agronomist : ماہر کاشتکار : an expert in soil management and field-crop production. "Agronomist jobs in Pakistan".

Cultivation : زراعت : (agriculture) production of food by preparing the land to grow crops (especially on a large scale).

Economic Science, Economics, Political Economy : معاشیات : the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management. "Economics is a science of wealth and growth".

Lums : لمز : Lahore university of management sciences. "I have passed MBA from Lums".

Cover Crop : بچاوٴ فصل : crop planted to prevent soil erosion and provide green manure.

Economic, Economical : معاشیاتی : of or relating to an economy, the system of production and management of material wealth. "Economic growth".

Math, Mathematics, Maths : حساب : a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement. "Maths a level past papers".

Chemical Science, Chemistry : علم کیمیا : the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions. "Brain chemistry is very complex".

Scientifically : سائنسی طریقے سے : with respect to science; in a scientific way. "This is scientifically interesting".

Forestry : جنگلاتیات : the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber.

Engineering, Technology : فنیات : the practical application of science to commerce or industry.

Academy Award, Oscar : آسکر ایوارڈ : an annual award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievements in motion picture production and performance.

Agriculturalist, Agriculturist, Cultivator, Grower, Raiser : زرعی ماہر : someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil.

Agrobiology : زرعی حیاتیات : the study of plant nutrition and growth especially as a way to increase crop yield.

Tiller : کاشتکار : someone who tills land (prepares the soil for the planting of crops). "Tiller asking for wage".

Agrologic, Agrological : زرعی حیاتیات سے متعلق : of or related to agrology.

Agrobiologic, Agrobiological : زرعی حیاتیات سے متعلق : of or pertaining to agrobiology.

Agronomic, Agronomical : کھیتی باڑی سے متعلق : of or relating to or promoting agronomy. "An agronomical book".

Moor, Moorland : بنجر زمین : open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss. "Moorland of Sindh".

Heath, Heathland : جھاڑ یوں والی زمین : a tract of level wasteland; uncultivated land with sandy soil and scrubby vegetation.

Tilth : کاشت کاری : the state of aggregation of soil and its condition for supporting plant growth.

Arctium Minus, Common Burdock, Lesser Burdock : جنگلی بردوک پودا : a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil; found in most of Europe and North Africa.

Actinomyces : جھاڑ جھنکار سے بھری زمین : soil-inhabiting saprophytes and disease-producing plant and animal parasites.

Conceptualism : تصوراتی دنیا : the doctrine that the application of a general term to various objects indicates the existence of a mental entity that mediates the application.

Fossil : آثار متحجر : the remains (or an impression) of a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age and that has been excavated from the soil.

Capsicum Frutescens, Hot Pepper, Tabasco Pepper, Tabasco Plant : لال مرچ : plant bearing very hot medium-sized oblong red peppers; grown principally in the Gulf Coast states for production of hot sauce. "Pickled hot peppers are great in taste".

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