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Screamingly meaning in Urdu

Screamingly Sentence

Screamingly funny.

Screamingly Definitions

1) Screamingly : حیرت انگیز حد تک : (adverb) to an extreme degree.


Useful Words

Ultimacy : آخریت , Exceedingly : انتہائی , Such : انتہائی , Wildly : انتہائی , Mild : دھیما , Ultimate : چوٹی کا , Opacity : دھندلا پن , Bachelor Of Medicine : علاج دوا میں جامعہ کی طرف سے دی جانے والی سند , Heighten : زیادہ ہونا , Moderate : معتدل , Closeness : کنجوسی , Austereness : نہایت سادگی , Ancientness : پرانا پن , Fair : مناسب , Delectability : لذت , Conscientiously : انتہائی لگن کے ساتھ , Arduousness : جفا کشی , Acridity : انتہائی کڑوا پن , Embarrassment : فراوانی , Exultation : خوشی کا احساس , Exquisite : خوبصورت , Edacity : لالچ , Adorability : انتہائی دلکش , Heebie-Jeebies : بے چینی کا احساس , Temperate : دھیما , Tiptop : اعلی درجے کا , Enormity : گناہ , Extremum : انتہاء , Torridity : سخت گرمی , Tip : نوک , Extremeness : نہایت

Useful Words Definitions

Ultimacy: the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance,.

Exceedingly: to an extreme degree.

Such: to so extreme a degree.

Wildly: to an extreme or greatly exaggerated degree.

Mild: moderate in type or degree or effect or force; far from extreme.

Ultimate: furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme.

Opacity: the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light.

Bachelor Of Medicine: (a British degree) a bachelor`s degree in medicine.

Heighten: become more extreme.

Moderate: not extreme.

Closeness: extreme stinginess.

Austereness: extreme plainness.

Ancientness: extreme oldness.

Fair: not excessive or extreme.

Delectability: extreme appetizingness.

Conscientiously: with extreme conscientiousness.

Arduousness: extreme effortfulness.

Acridity: extreme bitterness.

Embarrassment: extreme excess.

Exultation: a feeling of extreme joy.

Exquisite: of extreme beauty.

Edacity: extreme gluttony.

Adorability: extreme attractiveness.

Heebie-Jeebies: extreme nervousness.

Temperate: not extreme in behavior.

Tiptop: the extreme top or summit.

Enormity: an act of extreme wickedness.

Extremum: the most extreme possible amount or value.

Torridity: extreme heat.

Tip: the extreme end of something; especially something pointed.

Extremeness: the quality of being extreme.

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