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Seal meaning in Urdu

Seal Sentences

There is a seal on bank paper.
She sealed the letter with hot wax.

Seal Synonyms


Seal Definitions

1 of 6) Seal, Stamp : مہر : (noun) a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents.

2 of 6) Seal : بند کرنا : (verb) close with or as if with a seal.

3 of 6) Seal, Sealskin : دریائی بچھڑے کی کھال : (noun) the pelt or fur (especially the underfur) of a seal.

A coat of seal.

4 of 6) Seal : مہر : (noun) a stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it).

The warrant bore the sheriff's seal.

5 of 6) Seal : سیل : (noun) fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure.

6 of 6) Seal : سیل, پینگوئن : (noun) any of numerous marine mammals that come on shore to breed; chiefly of cold regions.

Useful Words

Unseal : مہر کہولنا , Cachet : مہر , Head Gasket : انجن کا ہیڈ , Great Seal : سرکاری مہر , Common Seal : پانی کی بلی دھبے والی , Spread Eagle : ایک قسم کا باز , Bladdernose : بحری ہاتھی , After-Hours : کام کے وقت کے بعد , Sealskin : دریائی بچھڑے کی کھال یا کھال سے بنی ہوئی چیز , Attest : توثیق کرنا , Wink : آنکھیں مارنا , Coda : اختتامی حصہ , Acer Japonicum : جاپانی میپل , Parted : جدا کیا ہوا , Lid : ڈھکن , Stamp : مہر لگانا , Impress : نقش کرنا , Acer Palmatum : زیب و زینت والا میپل , Frank : ڈاک پر ٹھپہ لگانا , Computer Mouse : مائوس , Commemorative : یادگاری , At First Blush : پہلی دفعہ میں , Hunch : اندیشہ , Approbate : منظور کرنا , Display : مظاہرہ , Prepossessing : دلکش , Documental : دستاویزی , Browser : انٹرنیٹ صفحہ کھولنے والا پروگرام , Route : بھیجنا , Archive : محفوظ کی گئی دستاویز , Impressive : موٴثر

Useful Words Definitions

Unseal: break the seal of.

Cachet: a seal on a letter.

Head Gasket: a gasket to seal a cylinder head.

Great Seal: the principal seal of a government, symbolizing authority or sovereignty.

Common Seal: small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere.

Spread Eagle: an emblem (an eagle with wings and legs spread) on the obverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

Bladdernose: medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters.

After-Hours: after closing time especially a legally established closing time.

Sealskin: a garment (as a jacket or coat or robe) made of sealskin.

Attest: authenticate, affirm to be true, genuine, or correct, as in an official capacity.

Wink: closing one eye quickly as a signal.

Coda: the closing section of a musical composition.

Acer Japonicum: leaves deeply incised and bright red in autumn; Japan.

Parted: having a margin incised almost to the base so as to create distinct divisions or lobes.

Lid: a movable top or cover (hinged or separate) for closing the opening at the top of a box, chest, jar, pan, etc..

Stamp: affix a stamp to.

Impress: mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

Acer Palmatum: ornamental shrub or small tree of Japan and Korea with deeply incised leaves; cultivated in many varieties.

Frank: stamp with a postmark to indicate date and time of mailing.

Computer Mouse: a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad.

Commemorative: an object (such as a coin or postage stamp) made to mark an event or honor a person.

At First Blush: as a first impression.

Hunch: an impression that something might be the case.

Approbate: accept (documents) as valid.

Display: something intended to communicate a particular impression.

Prepossessing: creating a favorable impression.

Documental: relating to or consisting of or derived from documents.

Browser: a program used to view HTML documents.

Route: send documents or materials to appropriate destinations.

Archive: a depository containing historical records and documents.

Impressive: making a strong or vivid impression.

Related Words

Fastener : جمانے یا روکنے والا , Impression : ٹھپا , Fur : پشم , Fasten : جمانا

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