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1 of 4) Season, Flavor, Flavour : مصالہ لگانا : (verb) lend flavor to.

Season the chicken breast after roasting it.

Related : Preparation : the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat. Zest : add herbs or spices to.


2 of 4) Season : دور : (noun) a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field.

He celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company.
She always looked forward to the avocado season.

Related : Time Period : an amount of time. Sheepshearing : the time or season when sheep are sheared. Holiday Season : a time when many people take holidays.

3 of 4) Season, Time Of Year : موسم : (noun) one of the natural periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices or atmospheric conditions.

The regular sequence of the seasons.

Related : Haying Time : the season for cutting and drying and storing grass as fodder. Time Period : an amount of time. Fall : the season when the leaves fall from the trees.

4 of 4) Season, Mollify, Temper : سختی کم کرنا : (verb) make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate.

Related : Weaken : lessen the strength of.

Useful Words

Fishing Season : وہ دور جس میں مچھلی پکڑنا جائز ہو : the season during which it is legal to catch fish.

High Season, Peak Season : چوٹی کا موسم : the season when travel is most active and rates are highest. "They traveled to Europe in high season".

Hockey Season : ہاکی کا دور : the season when hockey is played. "It`s always hockey season in Canada".

Holiday Season : چھٹیاں : a time when many people take holidays. "We were very busy due to holiday season".

In Due Course, In Due Season, In Due Time, In Good Time, When The Time Comes : مناسب وقت پر : at the appropriate time. "We'll get to this question in due course".

Commutation Ticket, Season Ticket : رعایتی ٹکٹ : a ticket good for several trips or to attend a season of entertainments; sold at a reduced rate.

Condiment : لوازمات : a preparation (a sauce or relish or spice) to enhance flavor or enjoyment. "Mustard and ketchup are condiments".

Academic Year, School Year : تعلیمی سال : the period of time each year when the school is open and people are studying.

Christian Era, Common Era : عیسوی : the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ`s birth.

Flavorful, Flavorous, Flavorsome, Flavourful, Flavourous, Flavoursome, Sapid, Saporous : ذائقے دار : full of flavor.

Flavorlessness, Flavourlessness, Savorlessness, Savourlessness, Tastelessness : بد مذاقی : the property of having no flavor.

Nutlike, Nutty : اخروٹ سے متعلق : having the flavor of nuts. "A nutty sherry".

Flavorsomeness, Flavoursomeness, Savoriness : ذائقہ : having an appetizing flavor.

Tasteless : بے ذائقہ : lacking flavor.

Full-Bodied, Racy, Rich, Robust : مزیدار : marked by richness and fullness of flavor. "A rich ruby port".

Bland, Flat, Flavorless, Flavourless, Insipid, Savorless, Savourless, Vapid : بد مزہ : lacking taste or flavor or tang. "A bland food".

Brew : ابال کر ذائقہ پانی میں ڈالنا : sit or let sit in boiling water so as to extract the flavor. "The tea is brewing".

Caramel, Caramelized Sugar : بھنی شکر : burnt sugar; used to color and flavor food.

Clove Oil, Oil Of Cloves : لونگ کا تیل : essential oil obtained from cloves and used to flavor medicines.

Essential Oil, Volatile Oil : نباتی تیل : an oil having the odor or flavor of the plant from which it comes; used in perfume and flavorings.

Garnish : کھانے کی ڈش وغیرہ سجانا : something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration.

Mellow, Mellowed : پکا ہوا : having a full and pleasing flavor through proper aging. "A mellow port".

Limburger : بادامی رنگ کا ذائقے والا پنیر : a soft white cheese with a very strong pungent odor and flavor.

Earth-Nut Pea, Earthnut Pea, Heath Pea, Lathyrus Tuberosus, Tuberous Vetch : یورپی پودا : European herb bearing small tubers used for food and in Scotland to flavor whiskey.

Common Jasmine, Jasminum Officinale, Jessamine, True Jasmine : گل یاسمین : a climbing deciduous shrub with fragrant white or yellow or red flowers used in perfume and to flavor tea. "True Jasmine is known around the world for its unique tropical smell".

Bine, Common Hop, Common Hops, European Hop, Humulus Lupulus : رازک کا پودا : European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors; cultivated in America.

Common Juniper, Juniperus Communis : شراب میں استعمال ہونے والی بوٹی : densely branching shrub or small tree having pungent blue berries used to flavor gin; widespread in northern hemisphere; only conifer on coasts of Iceland and Greenland.

Summer, Summertime : گرمی : the warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. "They spent a lazy summer at the shore".

Winter, Wintertime : سردی : the coldest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

Rancidity : بدبو : the state of being rancid; having a rancid scent or flavor (as of old cooking oil).

Preseason : تیاری کا دور : a period prior to the beginning of the regular season which is devoted to training and preparation.

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