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1 of 3) Seeing, Eyesight, Sightedness : آنکھ کی بینائی : (noun) normal use of the faculty of vision.

2 of 3) Seeing, Beholding, Visual Perception : بصارت : (noun) perception by means of the eyes.

3 of 3) Seeing : بینا : (satellite adjective) having vision, not blind.

Useful Words

A : حیاتین اے , Primate : لنگور , Myopia : دور کی نظر کی کمزوری , Olfaction : سونگھنے کا عمل , Audition : سننے کی حس , Prof : پروفیسر , University : جامعہ , College : کلیہ , Brain : ذہن , Academic Costume : کالج کا لباس , Argus-Eyed : تیز نظر , Achromatic Vision : سرمئی نظارہ , Dim-Sighted : دھیمی نظر والا , Sight : نظر , Curtain : روکاوٹ , Clear-Sighted : تیز نظر , Blur : دھندلا ہونا , Retinopathy : ریٹینا کا ایک مرض , Bedazzle : آنکھیں چندھیا جانا , Lens Maker : عینک والا , Blaze : چمک , Stereoscopic Vision : مجسم بینی , Eyeglass : یک چشمی عینک , Glaucoma : آنکھ کی بیماری جو دیدہ کو نقصان پہنچاتی ہے , Keratitis : قرنیہ کی سوزش , Oculist : آنکھ کا طبیب , Eyeglasses : عینک , Acuity : تیزی سے دیکھنے کی قوت , Accommodating Iol : آنکھ میں لینس لگانے کا عمل , Farsightedness : دور کے مقابلے قریب کی نظر کی کمزوری , Excessive : ناجائز کی حد تک

Useful Words Definitions

A: any of several fat-soluble vitamins essential for normal vision; prevents night blindness or inflammation or dryness of the eyes.

Primate: any placental mammal of the order Primates; has good eyesight and flexible hands and feet.

Myopia: (ophthalmology) eyesight abnormality resulting from the eye's faulty refractive ability; distant objects appear blurred.

Olfaction: the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents.

Audition: the ability to hear; the auditory faculty.

Prof: someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university.

University: the body of faculty and students at a university.

College: the body of faculty and students of a college.

Brain: that which is responsible for one`s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason.

Academic Costume: a costume worn on formal occasions by the faculty or students of a university or college.

Argus-Eyed: having very keen vision.

Achromatic Vision: vision using the rods.

Dim-Sighted: having greatly reduced vision.

Sight: a range of mental vision.

Curtain: any barrier to communication or vision.

Clear-Sighted: having sharp clear vision.

Blur: become glassy; lose clear vision.

Retinopathy: a disease of the retina that can result in loss of vision.

Bedazzle: to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light.

Lens Maker: a worker who makes glasses for remedying defects of vision.

Blaze: a light within the field of vision that is brighter than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted.

Stereoscopic Vision: three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina.

Eyeglass: lens for correcting defective vision in one eye; held in place by facial muscles.

Glaucoma: an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness).

Keratitis: inflammation of the cornea causing watery painful eyes and blurred vision.

Oculist: a person skilled in testing for defects of vision in order to prescribe corrective glasses.

Eyeglasses: optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision.

Acuity: sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart).

Accommodating Iol: a lens implant containing a hinge that allows for both near and far vision (thus mimicking the natural lens of a young person).

Farsightedness: abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects.

Excessive: beyond normal limits.

Related Words

Contrast : امتزاج , Sighted : دیکھنے کے قابل

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