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1 of 3) Seer, Illusionist, Visionary : دیکھنے والا, غیب دان : (noun) a person with unusual powers of foresight.

2 of 3) Seer : بصیرت والا : (noun) an observer who perceives visually.

An incurable seer of movies.

Useful Words

Anomaly : غیر معمولی شخص , Eccentric : نرالا شخص , Demigod : فوق البشر , Stayer : باقی رہنے والا , Freak : غیر معمولی انسان یا حیوان , Cannily : دور اندیشی سے , Ideology : خیالات , Oracular : غیبی , Out Of The Way : غیر معمولی , Remarkable : غیر معمولی , Board : نگراں کمیٹی , Magic : جادو , Pythoness : جادو گرنی عورت , Aircraft Engine : ہوائی جہاز کا انجن , Curio : نادر شئے , Greasy : روغنی , Brilliance : ذہانت , Spectacle : منظر , Unusualness : انوکھا پن , Usualness : عمومیت , Exotic : مختلف , Charming : جادو , Witch Doctor : پیر , Abdication : دستبرداری , Saneness : دانائی , Justice Of The Peace : چھوٹے درجے کا مجسٹریٹ , Contortionist : وہ شخص جو اپنے جسم کو غیر معمولی طور پر موڑسکے , Bizarre : بے تکا , Hypopigmentation : پگمنٹ کی کمی , Unoriginal : نقلی , Outsize : غیر معمولی ناپ

Useful Words Definitions

Anomaly: a person who is unusual.

Eccentric: a person with an unusual or odd personality.

Demigod: a person with great powers and abilities.

Stayer: a person or other animal having powers of endurance or perseverance.

Freak: a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.

Cannily: with foresight.

Ideology: imaginary or visionary theorization.

Oracular: of or relating to an oracle.

Out Of The Way: extraordinary; unusual.

Remarkable: unusual or striking.

Board: a committee having supervisory powers.

Magic: any art that invokes supernatural powers.

Pythoness: a witch with powers of divination.

Aircraft Engine: the engine that powers an aircraft.

Curio: something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting.

Greasy: containing an unusual amount of grease or oil.

Brilliance: unusual mental ability.

Spectacle: something or someone seen (especially a notable or unusual sight).

Unusualness: uncommonness by virtue of being unusual.

Usualness: commonness by virtue of not being unusual.

Exotic: strikingly strange or unusual.

Charming: possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers.

Witch Doctor: someone who is believed to heal through magical powers.

Abdication: a formal resignation and renunciation of powers.

Saneness: normal or sound powers of mind.

Justice Of The Peace: a local magistrate with limited powers.

Contortionist: an acrobat able to twist into unusual positions.

Bizarre: conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual.

Hypopigmentation: unusual lack of skin color.

Unoriginal: not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual.

Outsize: an unusual garment size (especially one that is very large).

Related Words

Beholder : محسوس کرنے والا شخص , Anticipant : امید وار , Fantast : نجومی , Forecaster : پیش گوئی کرنے والا , Prophetess : نبیہ

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Seersucker : ایک دھاری دار کپڑا

Close Words Definitions

Seersucker: a light puckered fabric (usually striped).

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