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Semester meaning in Urdu

Semester Definitions

1 of 2) Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ, میقات : (noun) one of two divisions of an academic year.


2 of 2) Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ, نصف تعلیمی سال : (noun) half a year; a period of 6 months.

Useful Words

Calendar Month : ماہ , Calendar : نظام تقویم , Prom : اسکول کا ایک رسمی رقص , Annually : ہر سال , Hebrew Calendar : یہودی کیلنڈر , Adar : یہودیوں کا بارہواں مہینہ , Ab : گیارہواں کلیسائی مہینہ اور پانچواں موسوی مہینہ , Julian Calendar : جولینی کیلنڈر , 365 Days : عام سال , Borough : قصبہ , Aeolian : یونانی , Achaean : قدیم یونانی شخص , Army Corps : فوجی دستہ , Sidereal : ستاروں کے ذریعے متعین ہونے والا , Hebrew Scripture : یہودی مذہبی کتب , Parted : جدا کیا ہوا , Accelerated : تیز , Academe : علم و فضل کی دنیا , Course Of Study : نصاب تعلیم , Academically : تعلیم کے اعتبار سے , Final : آخری امتحان , Academician : معلم , Curriculum Vitae : تعلیمی کوائف و تجربہ , Colloquium : خطاب , Department Of History : شعبہ تاریخ , Master : ماسٹر کی ڈگری , Examinee : امتحان دینے والا , Academic Requirement : تعلیمی اہلیت , Graduate : تعلیم کے اختتام پر سند حاصل کرنا , Doctor's Degree : ڈاکٹریٹ کی ڈگری جو جامعہ کی طرف سے دی گئی ہو , Community Of Scholars : علماء کی جماعت

Useful Words Definitions

Calendar Month: one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year.

Calendar: a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year.

Prom: a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year.

Annually: by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received).

Hebrew Calendar: (Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the Creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years.

Adar: the sixth month of the civil year; the twelfth month of the ecclesiastic year in the Jewish calendar (in February and March).

Ab: the eleventh month of the civil year; the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in July and August).

Julian Calendar: the solar calendar introduced in Rome in 46 b.c. by Julius Caesar and slightly modified by Augustus, establishing the 12-month year of 365 days with each 4th year having 366 days and the months having 31 or 30 days except for February.

365 Days: a year that is not a leap year.

Borough: one of the administrative divisions of a large city.

Aeolian: a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks.

Achaean: a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks.

Army Corps: an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support.

Sidereal: (of divisions of time) determined by daily motion of the stars.

Hebrew Scripture: the Jewish scriptures which consist of three divisions--the Torah and the Prophets and the Writings.

Parted: having a margin incised almost to the base so as to create distinct divisions or lobes.

Accelerated: speeded up, as of an academic course.

Academe: the academic world.

Course Of Study: an integrated course of academic studies.

Academically: in regard to academic matters.

Final: an examination administered at the end of an academic term.

Academician: a scholar who is skilled in academic disputation.

Curriculum Vitae: a summary of your academic and work history.

Colloquium: an address to an academic meeting or seminar.

Department Of History: the academic department responsible for teaching history.

Master: someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution.

Examinee: someone who is tested (as by an intelligence test or an academic examination).

Academic Requirement: a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program.

Graduate: receive an academic degree upon completion of one's studies.

Doctor's Degree: one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university.

Community Of Scholars: the body of individuals holding advanced academic degrees.

Related Words

Period : مدت , Academic Year : تعلیمی سال , Academic Session : جماعت کا وقت

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