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1 of 3) Shack, Hovel, Hut, Hutch, Shanty : جھونپڑی : (noun) small crude shelter used as a dwelling.

Related : Shelter : a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger.


2 of 3) Shack, Domicile, Domiciliate, Reside : سکونت کرنا, قیام ہونا, رہنا : (verb) make one's home in a particular place or community.

Related : Rusticate : live in the country and lead a rustic life. Populate : inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of.

3 of 3) Shack, Trail : پیچھے پیچھے چلنا : (verb) move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly.

Related : Travel : change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.

Useful Words

Cohabit, Live Together, Shack Up : ساتھ رہنا : share living quarters; usually said of people who are not married and live together as a couple.

Hunting Lodge, Lodge : عارضی قیام کے لئے ایک چھوٹا مکان : a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter.

Fox Hole, Foxhole : مورچہ : a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire.

Cote : دڑبا : a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons).

Cosy, Cozy, Snug : آرام دہ : enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space. "A snug little apartment".

Sentry Box : سنتری گاہ : a small shelter with an open front to protect a sentry from the weather.

Stable : اصطبل میں رہنا : shelter in a stable. "Stable horses".

Asylum, Refuge, Sanctuary : پناہ : a shelter from danger or hardship. "Homeless students find refuge in school".

Dog House, Doghouse, Kennel : کتے کا گھر : outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog.

Army Hut, Field Hut, Hut : عارضی فوجی قیام گاہ : temporary military shelter.

Bare, Barren, Bleak, Desolate, Stark : بے سایہ : providing no shelter or sustenance. "Bare rocky hills".

Concealment, Cover, Covert, Screen : آڑ : a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something. "A screen of trees afforded privacy".

Burrow, Tunnel : کسی جانور کا بل : a hole made by an animal, usually for shelter. "Burrow of rabbit".

Cyclone Cellar, Storm Cellar, Tornado Cellar : پناہ گاہ : an underground shelter where you can go until a storm passes.

Roost : پرندوں کا ڈربا : a shelter with perches for fowl or other birds.

Bastion, Citadel : قلعہ : a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle.

Harbor, Harbour : کمین گاہ : secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals).

Haven, Oasis : ٹھکانا : a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary. "They have safe haven there".

Shed : چھجا : an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage. "Broken shed of house".

Rest House : مسافر گھر : a building used for shelter by travelers (especially in areas where there are no hotels).

Awning, Sunblind, Sunshade : سائبان : a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun.

Camp, Refugee Camp : پناہ گزین کیمپ : shelter for persons displaced by war or political oppression or for religious beliefs.

Canopy : شامیانہ : a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather.

Cost Of Living : روٹی کپڑا اور مکان کا خرچہ : average cost of basic necessities of life (as food and shelter and clothing). "A rise in the cost of living reflects the rate of inflation".

Collapsible Shelter, Tent : خیمہ : a portable shelter (usually of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs). "He pitched his tent near the creek".

Abide, Bide, Stay : رہنا : dwell. "You can stay with me while you are in town".

Abode, Residence : ٹھکانا : any address at which you dwell more than temporarily. "A person can have several residences".

Artlessly, Crudely, Inexpertly : اناڑی پن سے : in a crude and unskilled manner. "English cricketer dropped the catch artlessly".

Crudely : نامعقول طور پر : in a crude or unrefined manner. "He was crudely bold".

Incompleteness, Rawness : اناڑی پن : the state of being crude and incomplete and imperfect. "The study was criticized for incompleteness of data but it stimulated further research".

Rough-And-Ready : گھٹیا مگر کام چلانے کے لئے کافی : crude but effective for the purpose at hand.

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