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شادی شُدہ جوڑا : Shadi Shuda Jora Meaning in English

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1 of 2) میاں بیوی شادی شدہ جوڑا : Man And Wife Marriage Married Couple : (noun) two people who are married to each other.

2 of 2) شادی شدہ جوڑا : Couple Match Mates : (noun) a pair of people who live together.

Useful Words

ازدواجی : Marital , شادی کرنا : Conjoin , شادی شدہ : Married , شوہر : Hubby , بیوی : Married Woman , ہم سفر : Better Half , ہم مرتبہ : Compeer , مکے بازی کا مقابلہ : Boxing Match , ٹیسٹ میچ : Match Game , ٹینس کا مقابلہ : Tennis Match , پسند کی شادی : Love Match , کھیل جیتنے کا آخری پوائنٹ : Match Point , شادی کا بندھن : Marriage , نکاح نامہ : Marriage Licence , شادی کرانے والا : Marriage Broker , تنسیخ نکاح : Dissolution Of Marriage , کورٹ میرج : Common-Law Marriage , رشتے کی پیشکش : Marriage Offer , عدالتی نکاح : Civil Marriage , ایسی شادی جو کسی قسم کے مالی یا اور فوائد کی خاطر کی گئی ہو : Marriage Of Convenience , عوام : Hoi Polloi , نیدر لینڈ کی عوام : Dutch , بے روزگار : Unemployed , آئرلینڈ کے لوگوں سے متعلق : Irish , حکومت کرنے والوں کا طبقہ : People In Power , فرانس کے باشندے : French , لوگ : Common People , آزاد : Free , انتہائی آزاد خیال لوگ : Flower People , انگریز : British , انگریز : English

Useful Words Definitions

Marital: of or relating to the state of marriage.

Conjoin: take someone in marriage .

Married: a person who is married.

Hubby: A married man refers to an adult male who has entered into a legally recognized marital union with a spouse. .

Married Woman: a married woman; a man`s partner in marriage.

Better Half: a person`s partner in marriage.

Compeer: a person who is of equal standing with another in a group.

Boxing Match: a match between boxers; usually held in a boxing ring.

Match Game: an international championship match.

Tennis Match: a match between tennis players.

Love Match: a marriage for love`s sake; not an arranged marriage.

Match Point: (tennis) the final point needed to win a match (especially in tennis).

Marriage: the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce).

Marriage Licence: a license authorizing two people to marry.

Marriage Broker: someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others.

Dissolution Of Marriage: an annulment of a marriage.

Common-Law Marriage: a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony.

Marriage Offer: an offer of marriage.

Civil Marriage: a marriage performed by a government official rather than by a clergyman.

Marriage Of Convenience: a marriage for expediency rather than love.

Hoi Polloi: the common people generally.

Dutch: the people of the Netherlands.

Unemployed: people who are involuntarily out of work (considered as a group).

Irish: people of Ireland or of Irish extraction.

People In Power: the class of people exerting power or authority.

French: the people of France.

Common People: people in general (often used in the plural).

Free: people who are free.

Flower People: a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music.

British: the people of Great Britain.

English: the people of England.

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بیوی بچے : Family

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